Deep Thoughts

I often think of funny things to write about, but they are too long for a Face Book post and too short for a full blog. So! Here are a few of the deep thoughts I’ve had lately:

Man Soap: I accidently bought Dial’s new “Man Soap”. It’s apparently the way they are going to get men to use their soap. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but there’s now seems to be a big campaign to get men to use body wash, etc. I say more power to the marketers, however, it would be helpful if they would mark the stuff better. The soap I bought is dark blue, has ridges for better grip (I mean really..) and smells like Axe Body Spray. I don’t have any issues with the way it smells, it just weirds me out when I smell like Peter…

Say what? Since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve come across a few words that I say quite often but never type. The reason? Because I have absolutely no idea how to spell them. And I’m not even sure if I get the spelling correct that it’s really the word I wanted in the first place .Such words as psych, as in “Do you want some? (then pulling the item back quickly and saying) Psych!”. It took me forever to think about how to spell that. And pterodactyl – who the hell knew it had a P?? Sure I, the non spelling bee winner (or contestant..heck, they wouldn’t even let me keep score) did not know this, but do normal, decent spellers? I think not.

Solar energy: I would love to have solar panels on our roof. Yes for energy saving, but really to be able to flip off and laugh at the meter each month as is spins backwards. Then singing a little song and do a little dance as APS sends me a CHECK instead of a large bill.

Thank you..for nothing: I’m not sure what it is about weddings and babies that makes total strangers think they can offer you their opinion. If you had a huge growth on your neck, no one would say anything. But suddenly there’s a pending nuptial or a slobber machine on your hip and they are all about it. I had Bay at the grocery the other day and I had undone the strap that goes around her chest in the cart. Right right, not super safe, but it was too tight and she was starting to get crabby and I needed to squeeze 10 more minutes of quiet, nice baby out of her so I took it off (yes I have one of those nice shopping cart covers, no, I don’t use it because it’s crap). She instantly picked it up and put in her mouth. Now, I don’t normally let my kiddo chew on things that other people have touched, but I had wiped it down with alcohol wipes about 6 times before putting her in the cart so I let it go (you can’t win them all and sadly, they don’t make a bubble in her size). I passed a cranky old lady in a motorized cart in the milk section and she began lecturing me on how if she were me, she wouldn’t let that baby chew on that. I nicely replied that I agreed, but it was clean (enough) and it was keeping her quiet so thanks for you concern (not). The woman then turned to her sister on another motorized cart and began telling her the situation – you would have thought I was letting her chew on some broken glass. I wanted to say “You think this is bad? I taught her to feed treats to the dogs and she almost always licks them first!”. But I don’t really want to have CPS on my doorstep so I just hurried along. The batteries were dying on their carts anyway so I figured we could make a safe getaway!

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