You Know You’re a Mom When…

1. You can tackle almost any house hold task silently. Dishes, laundry, ironing,  vacuuming, mopping, etc all produce some kind of noise. A mom can do all with ninja like stealth.

2. Your purse weighs as much as your baby

3. The contents of your purse would help you through any imaginable scenario from a runny nose to a hungry kiddo to defusing a nuclear missile.

4. You can carry a baby, a purse, push a stroller and a coffee with ease.

5. When you hear classical music, you know which Baby Einstein dvd it’s from.

6. You speak in sing songy voices to adults by accident.

7. You can make a game out of folding clothes, doing dishes and eating vegetables.

8. You know that no toys is as fun or holds attention like a cell phone, keys or a random item in your purse can.

9. You measure lengths of time by nap times. “I got the entire yard trimmed, raked up AND a shower in one nap!”.

10.You have a ridiculously amazing ability to suck it up.


My Solemn Vow

I have decided here and now that no matter how many kids we have, no matter how tired I am and no matter how much they hate to have their hair brushed, my children will never look like they have a rat nest for hair.

We always see the same family at church and even when their kids are split up by age into their religious class groups in the front, you can spot them. They all have crazy hair. And I don’t mean like it’s a little messy in the back. I mean the girls have creases from various pony and pig tail combinations coupled with a severe case of bed head and atrocious lack of conditioner. I want to bathe them all, slather their heads in Pantene and comb their locks into neat little pig tails with ribbons.

On a side note, I tried to play “beauty shop” with Baylie this week. She has neither the hair nor the patience to do so.