This Is Why I Don’t Get Anything Done

Reasons I don’t accomplish much in a day other than keeping everyone alive:

1. Baylie dumping dog food into the water bowl and Bear T. Dog bobbing for it. Both of them and the floor covered in water.

2. Nothing is as fun as a messy room. As soon as Mommy cleans it up, Baylie messes it up.

3. I call a handy man to fix the pull out trash can and he calls me two days later and wants me to go online to find the replacement.

4. Leaky diapers.

5. Baylie and I plant two flats of petunias. Baylie pulls most of them out while my back is turned watering the pots.


It’s a good thing she’s so stinking cute. And yes, she’s playing with a tube of toothpaste…