And Away We Go

I’m excited to finally post this – mostly because I have some very snarky posts about morning sickness I can finally write about!


Baby Wand makes an appearance October 2012. Get excited. And terrified. And…is it nap time yet?


I am so behind on this post! After almost three weeks, I’m calling it official, B is potty trained.

It all started back during spring break earlier this month when a friend at school said they could do a play date later in the week because they would be potty training in the early part. It dawned on me that spring break would be a great time to try (again) to potty train. Ali (friend not sister although I mix up their emails constantly) suggested that we give the girls an incentive; if they could get the potty training down enough to venture out, then we would have a  Big Girls Wear Undies Tea Party at their house.

It worked like a dream. I think B was finally ready and with some new puppies-wearing-crowns undies, we were ready to roll. Using the “set the timer and every 20 minutes, we pee” strategy, we had success! By Thursday, she was taking care of business mostly by herself and we had only had 1 accident so we were off to the tea party! B got to bring her real china tea set from her friend Joyce, which she was thrilled to share. Ali had apple juice and even a plate of cucumbers, crackers and cheese for the girls to snack on – it was adorable. Estella and her sister Addy greeted us at the door in their favorite princess dresses and were quick to rush B off to pick out one for herself. In addition to tea, they made butterfly wands and princess crowns to accessorize their looks. It was a sweet reward for such hard work!

Working Girl

One of the appeals of starting to work for the family business two-ish years ago was that I would be able to do it around Baylor’s schedule. And it’s worked great especially since she started preschool. 12 hours a week plus nap times is just the right amount of time to get stuff done.

Last Friday was a rare day when I had to schedule a meeting for an onsite inspection during a non school day. It also meant I had to head South to Arizona City  which would add and 2 hours + to the meeting time for commute. Thankfully Grandma had coordinated a day off of work so it would all work out brilliantly – Bay to Grandma’s house, me to AZC for a meeting with enough time on either end to get some work done around the house.

And then pneumonia.

After much discussion, PW and I figured out that with a lot of tag teaming and Grandma’s help, we could both make it to our meetings and get the munchkin healthy. I would do the x-ray as soon as the place opened at 730 while PW worked and took a meeting over the phone. I would spend the next hour prepping for my meeting and then tag PW to take B to the follow up appointment with the doctor. PW would then tag Grandma to take B home to play, eat and nap. I would return home around 2 to tag Grandma and then B and I would spend the rest of the afternoon watching Mickey Mouse in a daze of sleep deprivation and Albuterol.

It was around 1030 that morning that I realized we were going to make it. It was all going to get done and get done without being too messy. The end result was total exhaustion from the past 2 days and scrambling for the past 5 hours. I’ve always had so much respect for friends who both work AND raise awesome kids, but now that I’ve tried on their shoes, I’ve realized they should really have a super hero cape to match!

Pneumonia Sheumonia

Phew  is the only word I can think of to describe the last 5 days.

Baylor came home crabby and running a slight fever on Wednesday last week. By Thursday afternoon, it was a full blown 104.5 fever with a cough, wheezing and labored breathing. Any one of those would mean “get to the doctor” but all four meant get there pronto.

I fully expected the doctor to say “it’s a virus, nothing we can do” and send us tired and crabbily on our way. But then he listened to her chest for a solid 5 minutes. He asked a lot more questions and then determined that her asthma might actually be pneumonia. His suggestion was a full workup of meds including a shot that makes adults cry, chest x-ray, two inhalers and oral antibiotics as well.

The good news is that her x-ray came back clear, but since it was a day behind the beginning of treatment, they moved ahead with the meds. After a few fitful hours of sleep (normally I compare sleeping with her to sleeping with a badger – this was like sleeping with a hot,  clingy badger), her fever dropped and she was able to get some real sleep. By Friday afternoon, her fever was gone and she was hungry and happy. We kept her mellow the rest of the weekend with lots of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and M&M’s to bribe her into taking the “yucky” inhaler. She was mellow to the point where she was restless and making herself and us nuts so she went happily off to school today. Fingers crossed there won’t be any calls from Teacher Jackie and we’re on the road to  really getting better this time.

Rain Rain Come Again – Soon!

All last week there was much talk of a big storm that was coming…but much like Jimmy, I never really believe what the weather girl is saying. Especially around here – each time rain is predicted, it keeps getting moved to the next day, and the next day, and the next day until it disappears all together. Baylor spent all day Saturday saying “it’s raining!! Yeah!!! Oh wait, just kidding”. I think the kid has seen more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse than rainy days. Now that I type that, I know it’s a fact.

Well Weather Girl didn’t disappoint this time. The rain came in huge down pours with hail and lots of wind. It was, in a word, awesome. I can’t remember the last time it rained…October? November? Either way it was way over due and thankfully it made up for being gone for so long.

The only down side is we, once again, have a leak in the garage. We get to start the whole story of flat roof + leaves + down pour = water build up under flashing and water on my car that is indoors. Arg. But after getting a little (a lot) ticked off, I became very grateful that it was the garage and there was only minor damage rather than in our house and or with major damage. See? The rain makes me happy AND an optimist!

What I Learned at Noni’s House

Noni (my mom) has always been sure to point out that Grandma (Peter’s mom) is the good grandparent. Grandma is the one that takes Baylor to the park, the zoo, the library and to play dates. They read books, count rocks and lots of other educational and fun things.

Noni, by her own admittance, is the trouble maker. She’s the one to teach Baylor how to make Noni iced tea including how to shake, tear and pour the Sweet N Low. How to break into the cabinet of Mommy’s favorite, beloved and collector Barbie dolls and then convince Mommy to let her have one. How to play jokes on Pop (my step dad) by hiding his hat or his phone. And how to eat ice cream out of the container, preferably while sitting on the counter.

But their favorite pastime is collecting golf balls while out for a walk and then waiting for golfers to tee off at the hole a few hundred yards from the back gate. They then throw a few golf balls out onto the course and  hide, waiting to watch the golfers walk around and decide which ball is theirs. Then they collect the balls and do it all over again.

This explains so much when B is tip toeing around the house and announcing, in a whisper, that she’s being “sneaky”. It always concerns me as to what and why she needs to be sneaky…

Post It Problem

There is a rediculous amount of post its being used on my desk right now. And these are in addition to my page long to do list. Time to get to work and get some of these tossed to the trash!