Baylor Pics

I have captured a few great, random pics of Ms.B and thought they would make a nice little post:

Not exactly sure what is happening here – going for ice cream? A sit in? Making a call? Either way, it’s adorable.

Getting that towel wrap down…

I finally got smart and or brave and was able to snap a pic of her looking so sweet!

If You Need Me, I’m in the Bathroom

Where the hell have I been for two days? I’ll tell you…it’s spring break for Bay this week (why the hell 2 year olds need a spring break from their grueling 3 half days a week, I don’t know. I guess it’s more for their freakishly patient teachers, but still… not that I don’t love my munchkin, Momma’s just gotten real used to those precious 12 hours of free time a week to do crazy stuff like work) and we are, drum roll please, potty training!

Yes, the bain of my existence as a parent is finally happening. We’ve knuckled down, broke out the timer, the potty, the big girl undies, the M&M’s and gasp! stayed in the house for 3 days straight. Well not really. I couldn’t take it so we made the super fast 5 minute trip to Noni’s house today so I could run a few errands without the fear of a wet car seat and without visiting the Costco, Sunflower, CVS and Safeway bathrooms repeatedly.

In short, I have been enjoying a little quiet / work time during the oh-so-brief nap times this week. All is going well so we will likely survive the week with little pee pee poured out for the homies and thus call it a success. Until then, it may be a little quiet around here…

DIY Cake Stands

It’s Scottsdale Moms Blog day! Check out my post on DIY cake stands. They are ridiculously easy to make and the final product looks like it was far more work.

Wouldn’t this make a lovely housewarming, wedding or birthday gift? Go and see how easy this is – you could crank out 10 of them this weekend!

Cherry Baby

Last week I was flipping through radio stations while driving my loaner car (gotta love a free loaner while mine’s getting service!) when I came across the oldie’s station. Neil Diamond, one of my all time favorites, was singing Cherry Baby. I was singing along and looked to the car in front and to the right of me. I stared at the personalized license plate for a minute before it hit me what it said:


Tell me that that license plate does not say Cherry Baby! So I saw a license plate that said Cherry Baby while listening to Cherry Baby. I was in awe. What are the odds? Then I was struck by the meaning – was this a good sign or a bad sign? What are the ramifications of a coincidence like this? Am I going to win the lottery or get pink eye? I guess only time will tell…and fingers crossed for the lottery outcome.