The Big Reveal

It’s finally done! Bay’s room has successfully been transformed into a his and her room – now we just need the baby to go in the crib and we’re set! Check out the pictures on Scottsdale Moms Blog today along with all the other hilarious posts from Pregnancy Week.

And a HUGE thank you to Ashley Hall for all her help with the cut outs for the mobile. Mr. Man will have something fun to look at thanks to you!!


Going Going Back Back

We put another great vacation in the history books this weekend with the annual trip to Coronado, CA. We spent 4 days enjoying the cool weather, walking to every destination and relaxing. It was just what a beach vacation should be!


Very serious game of kickball

Finally getting to fly her Barbie kite


The beach is a lot of work for Baby Mason

Ok, the beach is a lot of work for everyone…

“I don’t get it…where’s the beach?”

The surrey bike. PW and I laughed about riding these around campus when he ran for student senate in college..

Showing off her new favorite hat that she picked out at the surf shop

Dancing to the music on the deck…mommy wishing she had cocktails to improve her moves…

I love the way she is hanging on to us. Hoping she plans to do so for a very long time!

Pregnancy Week

It’s Pregnancy Week at Scottsdale Moms Blog! There’s something in the writing around here as 5 of the contributors are expecting! This week is filled with fun and funny pregnancy related posts including today’s by Kristin that is a total crack up (and sooo true about the coffee). And Friday is the big reveal of Baylor and Mr.Man’s room – get excited.

In the mean time, I’ve got a million pictures from our annual pilgrimage to Coronado this past weekend to share and stories to tell. It was an amazing trip…it’s hard to be back to reality this morning.

Mini Horse Hands

A few months ago I got a flyer from the Zoo about their equestrian programs. They have a class called Mini Horse Hands and it’s designed for 3-5 year olds. The stables at the zoo are really nice and the price was right so Peter and Bay ventured to the zoo every Saturday morning in July to the class.

The good news is that she LOVED IT. She was an amazing listener, brave and had a great time. The bad news is that most of the kids (and their parents oddly) were terrified of horses (please let me know if you understand why someone would sign their kids up for horse class if the kids and they are terrified of horses – because I cannot for the life of me figure out why). So there was a lot of standing around waiting for the other kiddos to warm up to take their turn. Needless to say, we won’t be signing up for another round of classes, but we will definitely be looking for a stable for her to take some more lessons!

Grooming “Rolly” Neapolitan

Feeding Midnight

Ready to ride!

Ridding Penny

First Day of School

Last week marked Baylor’s second year at preschool. I can’t believe how much bigger she is this year than last year!  She landed in a great classroom with several of her buddies including the infamous Ms. Morgan. She has three teachers, two who have been been teaching since forever and one who is only a few years out of college – it’s the perfect mix!

August 9th, 2012

Fire on the Mountain

Tuesday afternoon I got a call from my mom telling me that there was a fire at the ranch. Her voice was all I needed to hear to know that it wasn’t good and that they had no idea if their homes, business and escape route were about to go up in flames.

Montana is experiencing the same drought most of the west is having and everything was crispy dry when we were there in July when the norm is lush and green. It was dry to the point that the annual 4th of July fireworks that my step brother puts on (and that rivals most municipal fireworks show) had to be canceled. And now hearing how quickly a small fire in a tree went to structure and life threatening in under 10 minutes, it was a good decision.

Because of the rural location, fire support is hard to come by – or is unconventional to say the least. A neighbor has a water truck, but if the neighbor doesn’t answer the phone, there’s no water truck. The closest fire department is a half hour away and the forest service has to scramble helicopters to come to the rescue. Thankfully the ranch boarders Yellowstone National Park and sits on an 80 acre lake so once help arrived, they were able to gain control of the situation.

This is a picture from last summer of the Paradise Valley

And this is a picture of from the height of the fire yesterday – you can see how yellow the grass is.

Thankful for the forest service and the three available slurry bombers – this picture is about 50 yards from the parent’s deck

The aftermath. The estimate was about 100 acres burned. The sad part is that it will take close to a decade for this to become lush and green again.

I think it’s safe to say that the family is feeling blessed that this wasn’t worse, but sad that it happened at all.

Baylorisms – Part 5

I keep saying that I need to keep a list of the funny things B says – because by the time I get to my computer, I forget half of them! She is now at the point where she knows she’s not saying something right and has begun to say “Do you know what I’m talking bout? Does that make sense??” trying to convey her thoughts. Such a crack up and getting smarter by the minute.

Zanya – The name she gives a lot of her stuffed animals. I have no idea where it came from or what it means.

Nayday – Her horse’s name, the only one not named Zanya.

Hanitizer – The combination of Hand Sanitizer

Rondry room – Laundry room. She can say L’s, but for some reason that doesn’t translate to the laundry room.

Loyal-ler – Lawyer. As in “you don’t look like a loyal-ler when you where cowboy boots to work, Daddy”. Jury is still out on whether this is a good or bad thing.

Scoops – the arm motion that goes along with freestyle swim stroke. While watching the Olympics, she announce “oooh, look at her scoops!!”.

Suri’s Burn Book

I saw on one Melissa F’s Facebook page (what?! you don’t read Fontyfest?? You so crazy) a link to a blog called Suri’s Burn Book. It is, in a word, amazing. Short, snarky and all told from (allegedly) Suri Cruise’s perspective. I am dying and so grateful for this new little gem. Thank you Mrs. Fonty for the introduction to such a lovely and hilarious way to waste 5 minutes of time!

Spelling Lessons

Apparently I used the wrong version of counsel when writing an email to Peter and my mom this week. This morning I got a post it note on my desk:

I thanked Captain Spelling and then went back about my business. He then proceeded to make fun of my spelling abilities, which, he has known for the last 13 years are less than stellar. I told him that the way I would remember the difference between council and counsel is that the S in legal counsel is for shithead.

That was enough to make Captain Spelling retreat from the office. And gave me an excellent pneumonic device for remembering the difference between the two words.