God Help Me

Peter ordered this for after his hunting trip:

I have no words…

If you are a fan of deer and elk meat, please message me so I can get you a BIG package. I support the hunting. I do not support me eating the spoils. Picking buck shot out of my teeth is not on my bucket list, FYI Peter.

My Assistant

I was desperate for an hour’s worth of work time late yesterday. I asked B if she could work on her computer too so I could get a few things done. She agreed so I dialed in and tuned out anything that wasn’t a “I’ve critically injured myself!!” scream.

An hour of work, dinner, bath, dinner for PW and I, another 1.5 hours of work and I caught a glimpse of this in the mirror:

I knew she had been playing with my shirt, I just didn’t know I was a canvas for her new stickers. And I like that PW never asked why I had 100+ stickers across my back. When I pointed out this fact his response was “it’s impressive how straight she made the line”.

Original Art

One of our favorite restaurants, Orange Table, constantly features local artists work. Most of the time we love what is on display, but it’s out of our price range or we can’t figure out where it would hang. But this past month, we found the perfect combination of great art, great price and a location desperate for something great.

The artist for August was John Arvizu from Trapdoor Studio. He featured several screen prints that almost had a pop art feel to them. I love this look, but this is not the style of our house and I was afraid they would look strange…but Peter’s office is totally devoid of actual art (except for the awesome oil painting of the Georgetown Law archway I had done as a graduation gift – awesome, yet lacking in funkiness). PW agreed that the cowboy print was perfect for his office.


When contacting John about picking up the print, I asked him about another picture on his website. He told me that it was already sold, but that he would talk to the owner to see if they would be willing to switch for a similar print. Thankfully they were willing to trade so Ralphie the Buffalo came home too:


John has a great video on his website that shows the process that each print goes through from drawing the stencil, cutting it  and then creating layers and layers of color, dimension and interest swipe by swipe of the screen. Be sure to check out the store section of his website – his prices are great for a one of a kind piece!


Run Run Runner

I have been dying for a chevron stripped table runner. I love the pattern and needed a way to incorporate it into my life and a table runner was the best and easiest way I could think of doing it. But what color?? And where to get it??

I sat down last Sunday and strategically avoided doing acual, paying work by doing some googling. I came across an Etsy shop called I Need it Homemade. Such cute and simple chevron patterned pillows, purses and of course, table runners. But the best part, all of her runners are reversible with the buyers choice of colors. Perfect!! And they had they gray I wanted for fall and the teal I wanted for summer. Best yet, she was willing to make a custom listing for me of an extra long runner to fit our extra long table. AND for an amazing price. As if that wasn’t all I needed, Melissa the owner was wildly quick to respond to my emails. I ordered on Sunday 16th and got it yesterday the 20th. How’s that for turn around time?

And look how cute it looks with some fall decor


So if you’re hankering for some chevron or other cute goodies (she does everything from sugar scrubs to baby onsies – I’ve got my eye on the tie onsie for Mr.Man) head on over to I Need It Homemade (http://www.etsy.com/shop/ineedithomemade) and get to shopping!

Red Light Green Light

Jen the trainer told me about a great website called Yoga Glo. It’s a membership site where you can choose a yoga class to watch by either the length of time, type of yoga or specific issue (like back pain or prenatal). She assured me that it was no nonesense yoga – not too much om-ing and no corny music. And she was totally right. It’s just stretch, breathe, move on – perfect. I have big dreams of squeezing in 30 minutes on the patio during nap time when it’s finally cool in the afternoon!

I was doing a prenatal session with an emphasis on sciatica (that fun nerve that shoots down your back and leg – mine always gets irritated when pregnant). In the begining of the session, the instructor has you do some simple and calming breathing. Basically in through the nose and out through the mouth – but she added a visual effect. She instructs you to picture soothing, cool, healing green light. When you inhale, you visualize breathing the green light in and pull into wherever the pain is. And when exhaling, you visualize red light leaving your mouth and taking any pain, irritation or anxiety with it.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking “uh, that sounds a little too om-y….” and maybe it is. But something about the visual really makes it work. I tried it yesterday when I started to feel the anxiety creeping up that usually drives me to run a few miles or scrub the house top to bottom and within a few minutes, the tightness in my chest floated out upon exhaling – and it stayed away too.

The house, however, is still dirty. I need to try visualizing green light while moping I guess…


The Rules of Vacation

I know I’m 2 weeks behind in this post…but I promise it’s still informative. And funny.


Several years ago PW and I developed some pretty strict rules for vacation. They are as follows:

Rule #1: There are no rules.

Rule #2: See rule number 1.

You see, when there are too many rules about what time is bed time, eating vegetables and limiting cartoons, no one has any fun. There are too many distractions and differences from normal life to carry on a normal routine. So, we say to hell with the rules. If Baylor doesn’t even look at a veggie for 5 days, she will not die. If she doesn’t go to bed at 8pm, she will probably be a little crabby the next morning….but there’s also a chance she’ll sleep past 6:30am. Does one more Doc McStuffins cartoon mean I get to keep reading my book? Then watch away kiddo. We’ll mold your mushy brain back into shape next week. Cheesecake for breakfast? Why not (this was one of mine and it was fan-freaking-tastic). French fries for lunch? Sure. No nap? Let’s throw those dice! Multiple cocktails on the deck of the Del with lunch? It’s vacation!! (Sad I missed on this one this year –  I do, however, plan to make up for it next year).

I think the most fun part about the no rules is when Baylor realizes it. She will ask for something she knows she normally doesn’t get and then when she gets it, the look of surprise on her face is priceless. More than once I said “we’re on vacation! Run amok!”. And by the last day her favorite phrase was “we can because we’re on vacation!!”.

The caveat here is that while this makes vaca fabulous, it can make the return home a little troublesome. The key is to emphasize when it is and when it isn’t vacation. The declaration of “vacation over” makes for a lot of sad faces all the way around, but it makes it more understandable when the cartoons get turned off, the platter of veggies served and the wine gets left in the rack (maybe it was PW who struggled most this time around…).

Live it Up

I learned Saturday night about the tragic death of a sorority sister. Sarah was a year younger than me, and while we were merely acquaintances,  I don’t think I ever walked past her without seeing a smile on her face along with a sweet greeting.

The shock of thinking someone that is my age is gone was all consuming. Sarah was an incredibly sweet girl and to think of her not growing old like her friends makes me incredibly sad. I can’t even begin to go to the place Sarah’s parents must be emotionally –

I sat in the office getting a few things done on Sunday afternoon and started to get the anxious feeling that dealing with angry customers gives me. I was suddenly struck by the fact that what I was working on, while important and necessary, really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. What matters is to get the job done and get back to kissing my kiddo, hugging my friends, snuggling with PW, scratching Bear’s ears, feeling the baby squirm and not worrying about the things I can’t change. Living life is what is important and those are the things we will look back on and be happy about, not about how we handled calculating a deposit.

AOE Sarah ❤


Soooo I think I forgot about the extreme exhaustion that is the last month of pregnancy….or I didn’t notice it last time because I was already on leave from work and my daily routine involved Oprah, cookies and a nap every afternoon. Either way, it’s got me big time beat this time around.

Not only that, but the baby brain has returned with a vengeance. Remember the car mix up? I thought I was just sick – I found out 3 days after this post that Mr.Man was on his way. Point? Baby brain is powerful stuff. More to the point? I have little to no idea that I’m messing things up. Normally I would be uttering “where is my head?!” but instead it’s not until someone brings to my attention that I have missed something that I begin to muddle through what’s left of my memory to figure out what happened.

On top of all this, I’ve reached the “wildly uncomfortable” phase complete with feet in my rib cage, aching back, belly so big it takes a fork lift to roll over and inability to breathe when lying on my back. The last one is new this time which is fun.

I’ve got a stack of post it notes on my desk with topics and fun stories and pictures to go with all of them…just no brain power to write. The crazy things on my desk like bills and things to get done to make the money to pay the bills keep taking precedence. Sigh. Hoping by the end of the week I’ve cleared my desk and enough of the cobwebs to get some posts written before the real lack of sleep and baby brain begin!