Auggie Doggie

Peter’s sweet secretary, Colleen, presented us with this amazing blanket for Auggie! It features the Hanna Barbara character, Auggie Doggie – so cute! I asked her where she got a pattern and she informed me that she made it…oh to be that talented!!

Bathroom Baby

Whew. Where did the last three weeks go? Auggie is three weeks old today and I think everyone is finally settling into life with two kids – including the two kids.

We discovered the first night Auggie was here that he is a talking. Like a big time talker. He grunts, grumbles, moans, hums and whistles in his sleep. LOUDLY. Like can hear him over the sound machine loud. And because he and his sister share (or will share) a room, there’s no putting him in his own room to avoid being kept up by the racket. So PW and I decided we would try putting him in the bathroom over night to see if helped. It turned out to be perfect – we hear him cry, but not all the noise and his crying doesn’t wake up Bay. And before you get all “I’m calling CPS” on me, he has a very lovely bassinet to sleep in in our larger than average bathroom – it’s pretty nice actually. At the very least, it will make for great material in therapy some day.

And a few new pics of the crew:


I love when they start waking up!




Bedtime stories are now a family affair. Auggie already loving Curious George.


Meet Mr.Man

Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers! Augustus “Auggie” Jack Wand was born October 3rd at 12:41pm. He weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces and 20 inches long. I’m up and moving this afternoon and feeling good. Auggie is a champion eater, pooper (gross and yet important) and just an all around sweetheart. We are so lucky, blessed and fortunate to have such a beautiful addition to our family!

Big sistah Baylor was a little freaked out by the blood pressure cuff, hospital bed and IV so she was a bit distracted while visiting yesterday. More and happier pictures of the pair to come!

These are better than yesterday’s pics – they pump you full of fluids which gave me something around 8 chins….


Auntie Ali gave us the run down on how to avoid getting peed on while changing diapers…


Today’s the Day

I’m excited, nervous, anxious, ready and not ready to meet our little guy today! Details and stats to come!

One last look at the belly – looking mighty big if I do say so….who is the jerk who puts horizontal stripes on a maternity shirt?! I know I’m the dumb dumb who bought it, but I was desperate for something that covered everything!!

Pillow Talk

Since B has been sleeping in a big girl bed, we’ve started the nightly routine of laying in bed and chatting for a few minutes before bed time. Peter swears it’s the most information he gets out of her all day because she wants you to stay so she keeps talking. It’s so funny to hear what’s on her mind while snuggling.

Peter explained what college was to her a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve made a habit of grabbing her and screaming “don’t leave meee!!!” periodically. To which she always responds “I HAVE to go to college, Mommy!”. It cracks me up that we even have this conversation at three years old. These exchanges flowed into bed time the other night and this is the conversation we had:

“I love you big girl – sweet dreams.”

“Mommy, I think you’re being kind of funny about college.”

“Oh really? How so?”

“Well, I have to go to college. I just do.”

“But I will miss you!!!”

“I will miss you too. So why don’t you come with me?”

“Come to college with you?”


“Do I have to go to class or just be there with you?”

“Just be there with me.”

“Done and done. Mommy was a big fan of college the first time around so I think a second round would be splendid.”

“Good. So now you can stop being funny about it.”

Which completes my funny business about college. God help me if she goes somewhere that doesn’t have a decent bar….