So Very Thankful

Phew. After a full round of antibiotics for the team and a very busy yet fun Thanksgiving, I have some time to A. Breathe and B. post pics from Thanksgiving!

This was our 6th year of hosting and probably the least stressful yet. I think PW and I finally have a system that we have honed over the last years that starts weeks ahead of time but means the day of Thanksgiving is actually fun and not so crazy. Also I have slowly been accumulating the things we need for the day of so that I don’t have to raid my mom’s house for table cloths, silverware, serving spoons, plates…the list goes on.

This year PW built me a table that I have always wanted; it’s the same height and length of our outdoor furniture so when you smoosh the two tables together, it makes one large square with enough room to seat up to 20 (more on Peter’s craftsmanship soon…). It was awesome. No more people at one end of a very long table with no one across from them!


Fun paper table runners

The Munchkin  table

The outdoor living room

Chef Baylor’s fancy pie crust

Sarah’s cookies

PW’s new coozie collection…don’t ask because I don’t know. At least there was good Montana microbrews to put in them

Peter’s super delicious turkeys. They brine for 12 hours in a special mix he makes and then smoke for 6 hours.

Chef Wand

Thanksgiving is exhausting

Mason. Doing a very good impression of his father.


The Wischer Women…and Mason

Everyone at the BIG table!


Down for the Count

Strep Throat: 3   Wands: 0 (well technically 1)

Apparently babies don’t get strep throat, which is a serious blessing. The sneaky preschool super bug took out Baylor two weeks ago, me on Friday and Peter on Monday. And it was the super fun kind of strep throat that comes with vomiting – yeah us!  Thankfully the doctor handed over the antibiotics before I had to give my “I have a 7 week old, a 3 year old, a job, 17 people coming for Thanksgiving and I’m asking you for Amoxicilin, not Oxycotton for the love of God…” so I’m feeling much more human today. Fingers crossed for a healthy house by Thanksgiving!

Auggie – 1 Month

I took a picture of Baylor each month of her first year with the same stuffed animal so that we could see how much she grew. It seemed only appropriate that we use the Augie Dogie blanket at a yard stick for Auggie baby.

A just started to really smile this month – he will smile back at you and also when you tickle his chin. 

Halloween Recap

I came across pictures from Halloween and felt that despite the fact it’s mid November, they needed their own post. I’ve been busy, you know, not sleeping.

We teamed up with B’s buddy Morgan for the annual Trunk or Treat. Morgan’s parents, Stephanie and Jeff, are some of our favorite people. When Jeff and Peter met last year, Stephanie and I had to check to make sure they didn’t know each other prior to parent’s night, that’s how well they got along in the first 10 minutes of meeting each other. It was weird. But a good weird. They share a love of trucks, college football, alt county and unheard of beer labels. Stephanie and I are room moms together and have the same “I tackle 18 things at one time” mentality. The difference is, she makes it look good.

Our collective theme for Trunk or Treat was Pumpkin Patch. We brought the hay, they brought the scarecrows and pumpkins. In about 2 minutes, we were set up and the candy was ready to be handed out. We did make Peter and Jeff dress like farmers…however where we were thinking they should have overalls and straw hats, they both took an alternative route….well, you’ll see.

All in all, it was another super fun TorT event!


The “farmers”. Peter explained that every farmer he’s ever met dressed like this. The scary part? They both already owned the clothes they are wearing.


Minnie Mouse was not into taking pictures…Auggie was enjoying his pumpkin hat


Enjoying their pizza before the fun started!

For actual Halloween, we joined our friends the Lovells for their annual party. They are the greatest hosts – they always have the most delicious food, wine and candy! We set up shop in their driveway and take turns trick or treating, eating, trick or treating, playing, eating…you get the picture.

Minnie Mouse – take 2. Last year her costume was a hand me down from cousin Madi that was the real deal. It was bought at Disney World and had all the accessories  This year she had to settle for one ordered from the Disney store – which you would think would be nice. You would be wrong.


Poor second child…mommy didn’t even get him a real costume.

“I mustache you a question…”

Cousin Zoe as Little Red Ridding Hood

Zona Zoo

When we were sophomores in college, Peter had an idea to create a student group that would rival the student groups of some of the biggest and well known colleges in the country. The University of Arizona is one of the largest universities in the country and has some of the best and most prestigious athletic programs around…so why didn’t we have a student section at basketball games?

Peter ran for the student senate that same year with the goal of creating such a student organization. He spent many hours campaigning and I spent many hours (and manicures) helping paint bed sheets with “WAND FOR SENATE” to be strung up between palm trees around campus. I have to admit, I didn’t understand why we needed a student section – more so, I didn’t know how he was going to pull it off. And like many times before then and many times after, he didn’t fail to wow me.

After winning a seat on the student senate, PW campaigned, recruited, marketed and worked his butt off to create and then get the wheels on the student organization moving. He got the support of the athletic director, funding from Pepsi and also the men’s basketball team on board. A contest was held to name the organization and with the mens basketball team’s help, the title of the Zona Zoo was selected. And thus, a legacy began.

A few years ago, we had the UofA game on. A few minutes after kickoff, I heard swear words from the living room. When I asked what was going on, Peter rewound the dvr and showed me how many students were at the football game. And right behind them, painted on the stadium wall was ZONA ZOO. He was in shock. We had no idea that the Zoo had grown so much.

This month is the tenth anniversary of the Zona Zoo and the Arizona Daily Wildcat newspaper called to interview PW about the inception of what is now one of the largest student organization in the country with 10,000+ members.

It’s an amazing legacy and one of many that I think Peter will have. Congrats PW on an amazing job well done!

Baylorisms – Part 6

Tag of War:  Tug of War

Purshey Kisses: Hershey Kisses

Front Trunk : Hood of the car

Turn Sniggles: Turn signals

Polka Dots on your face: Freckles

Measles:  Another way we discuss freckles. We spend a lot of time asking about mommy’s freckles. Mommy in turn spends a lot of money at the Bobbi Brown counter…

Wigglers: Prairie Dogs

Auggie Baba:  Auggie Baby. She can say baby, she just chooses to say it funny

Dealershipper: Mechanic at the dealership

Trunk or Treat: Trick or Treat – her school event has ruined the actual phrase for her.

This one killed me – she was headed out the door with Peter when she stopped and yelled “Mommy! I forgot my manners! Toss them to me!!”. When I did, she pretended to eat them, thanked me and was on her way. I’m just slightly concerned about the fact that she’s this funny at 3…


The nurse at the hospital told us that kids are either exactly like one parent or a perfect blend of both and all their siblings will fit the same mould. I’ll let you be the judge of which we got.

Baylor’s 1st Day


Auggie’s 1st Day



Baylor’s crabby face



Auggie’s crabby face

Tree Frog Baylor

Tree Frog Auggie

Baylor starting to smile

Auggie making me work reeeaaalllyy hard for not a frown

Sweet cheeks Baylor

Sweet Cheeks Augg

Fur Face

I think I can finally write this without tears streaming down my face…ok, without a lot of tears streaming down my face.

Two weeks ago we unexpectedly had to say good bye to Bear. Honestly it had been coming and we knew that, but no one was willing to make the decision so he made it for us. He had what we think was a stroke and the vet told us it was probably one of more to come and that he wouldn’t make it through the night.

It was so sudden and unexpected – Peter and I couldn’t look at each other without crying. Bear started out as my mom, sister and my dog 13 years ago. When PW and I got married and moved to DC, both Bear and Travis came with us and that was 7 years ago so Bear was as much his as mine. And in a lot of respects, he was Peter’s because Bear chose Peter – litereally. He should have been named Judus because as soon as we were marrried, it was like all the love, feeding and caring for him that I had done didn’t mater, now he had a man to hang out with.

After several long cries, the gallows humor started. Growing up in my house my mom taught us that it’s good to cry, but sometimes you need to laugh instead of cry because there just aren’t any tears left. Peter and I laughed through tears saying that Bear was probably in purgatory watching films of all the terrible things he had done throughout his life; stealing tissues out of the trash and shreading them, peeing on the rug repeatedly despite the open dog door, tearing into bags of trash and slinking away just as his brother Travis discovered the treasure and thus making it look like he did it, wagging his tail on approach to another dog and then trying to bite their ear off, stealing baby toys, willing Baylor to drop him food, snarling through baths, learning how to open the gate to our back yard and taking himself for a walk…the list goes on. We always said he was such a smart dog, he just chose to use his brain for evil rather than good.

But despite his flaws, he was a faithful friend who was always quick with an ear kiss, a crazy welcome,  a paw to shake (but only if you had a treat) a black nose to kiss and big brown eyes that let you know that there was a lot more going on in his furry head than he was willing to let you know.

Sweet Baylor crushed me that night by asking me through sobs where Bear’s bed in heaven was. She was incredibly upset about where he would sleep since his bed was still in our room. I let her know that he had a big, fluffy bed next to Travis and Mamie. She asked if his room was close to Jesus’s and when I said yes, she calmed down and drifted off to sleep.

I still catch myself saying good bye when we leave, throwing an ice cube on the floor for him, and calling for him when I drop a carrot on the floor. I miss him when the house is quiet and he would sit in the office with me and work. I miss the clip of his nails on the tile and the jingle of his collar. How he shnuffled and stretched each morning and “combed” his hair by rubbing his face repeatedly on the bed skirt. 

B and Bear didn’t agree on much – except treats, tents and tea parties

Always the perfect tea party guest

Cotton-y fur and snow never mixed…

Add “drinking from the ice bucket” to the list of things he’s watching in purgatory

G Thang

Peter and I never text each other so when we do, I come across old messages – like way old. I saw one the other day from our annual San Diego trip. We had been enjoying the beach until PW was stung by a stingray  (or a creature as B calls it) and went back to the room to boil his foot (no joke, that’s what takes the pain away) and a beer.

Because really, who doesn’t love a reference to a Snoop Dogg rap when discussing their unborn child?

Also? Ignore the shnicklfritz comment (too much to explain) and the Big Momma is my mom (personality really, not size) – people tend to frown on women 8 months pregnant drinking on the beach…