Jumping Bean

Auggie got a new jumper for Christmas and Grandma and Grandpa were kind enough to deliver it a few weeks early and I swear the kid hasn’t left it since! He loves to bounce and spin and grab the toys. So much so that he’s worn through not one but TWO pairs of jammies. He’s literally jumping out of them!

Loving on his favorite Lamb




First casualty


And the latest…



Rose Colored Glasses

At a particularly bad time in life, my mom, sister and I were looking for a new home. I remember her telling us that we needed to pray that God would find us a new house and that if he did, we would plant a rose garden in honor of Mary. A short time later we found a little rental house that was run down, but had lots of potential. And in a corner in the backyard was a neglected little rose garden. We used to spend hours trimming and fertilizing and the results were some of the most beautiful roses I’ve even seen.

Flash forward a few years and we were ready to buy the house down the street. Again my mom prayed that if we got the house, we would plant a rose garden. And again there was a neglected rose garden behind a small wall in the backyard.

Those rose gardens spoiled me because they were old and established and produced amazingly large blooms with powerful scents. It was nothing to have a large vase full of 20+ roses, all from the yard. When PW and I remodeled our house, we built raised beds for vegetables and roses – the vegetables have done great, the roses, not so much. After some research  a lot of trial and error and some additional plants (vines on the block walls keep the heat index down in the summer), I finally have a bush that has lasted a full year AND produced blooms. Not a vase full, but we’re getting there. I have plans for a second bush (and maybe a third…) so hopefully this time next year my post will be filled with beautiful blooms!


As it opened, it changed color



Until I have the vase full of home grown roses, I’m relying on Pottery Barn’s Heirloom Rose diffuser to get me through. I put it in the bedroom and it’s gentle scent makes me happy every time I pass by.

rose diffuser


Pottery Barn’s Heriloom Rose large oil diffuser – $39.00

Face Time Fiasco

I got a new Iphone 5 a few weeks ago and wanted to sell my old 4, but since the back was shattered, it was a no go. So PW and I decided we’d give it to Baylor to watch cartoons and play games on. A little ridiculous  yes, but it means that I can now take her on a run AND have my phone to listen to music. Also it means my icons will stay put instead of mysteriously disappearing…

Baylor is in love. She makes “phone calls”, “sends texts”, “writes emails” and plays games and watches Doc McStuffins. All perfectly safe since the phone is no longer connected to a network…or so I thought. I didn’t realize that when you turned the phone off and back on that it would take itself out of airplane mode. So last night she brings me her phone and says “my phone is talking to me”. I assumed she had dialed a number and was getting the recording that says you’re not connected to a network. But when I looked at her phone, our friend Brian was staring back at me. You can still make Iphone to Iphone calls, texts and Face Time if there is a wifi signal and since the phone wasn’t in airplane mode, she was able to Face Time  Brain.

All I can say is thank God she called someone we love and not a random water company customer or something. It was fun to catch up for a few minutes – he was very amused by the whole thing. It was also a good excuse to figure out how to turn off all the connections on the phone! Also we discovered that you can password protect adding and deleting icons (Settings – General – Restrictions) which will keep her from deleting and then moving my icons around so I’m confused about what is missing…

I woke up in the middle of the night wondering who she had been sending texts too and or Face Time requests. It took me 10 minutes to find the damn phone but when I did, it appears nothing funny went out – phew. But if for some reason you did get something odd from me, I’ve been hacked by a 3 year old.

Sick of Being Sick

Last Thursday everyone started feeling crummy…lots of sneezing, sore throats, stuffy noses all around. And of course, Baylor’s mystery cough was still present. Auggie’s tear ducts seemed to be infected (again) so we did a family trip to the doctor. An ear infection, a possible sinus infection, low oxygen levels and an eye infection were the diagnosis (and that was just the kids!). Four prescriptions later, we were out the door and on a first name basis with the lovely pharmacist at CVS.

Medicating the team is literally a full time gig. Antibiotics can’t be taken with reflux medicine. Probiotics needed to keep the antibiotics from killing off even the good bacteria…it’s a process to say the least. Also, see the white thing in the top of the big bottle? This is the greatest invention ever – it has a tiny hole that the measuring thing fits into so you can get every last drop of medicine without spilling!


Auggie has been sleeping in his car seat in our room for a week – it’s the only way he can sleep because if he is laying down, he gets stuffed up and wakes up. Last night I found him like this:


Which I took to mean he was ready to get back to his crib. I elevated the mattress and he slept the entire night in there – although he didn’t sleep the entire night. I don’t know if he’s having a growth spurt or catching up from not eating much last week – man that kid can really pack it away. He’s had two long naps today so fingers crossed, if it’s a growth spurt, we’ve entered the sleepy phase. 5 hour sleep stretches please come back!!

I broke down on Tuesday and called in reinforcements so I could go to the doctor. I took whichever doctor was available and got the guy who was going to solve all my problems. After 5 minutes of scrolling through my history he deduced that I go to the doctor approximately 4 times a year with a sinus infection. It took all my strength not to say “yeah. I know because I’M THE ONE WITH THE SINUS INFECTION”. He decided (after looking at what kind of health insurance I have – i.e. the kind that would pay for a lot of crap) that I needed an x-ray of my head. I did explain that I would do pretty much whatever he wanted as long as he promised me right now that I could have antibiotics and whatever else would make my teeth stop feeling like they were going to pop out of my mouth. 4 x-rays later he proclaimed “see that little, tiny, sliver of black right there? That’s your nasal airway. You really cannot breathe!!”. If I had had slept in increments longer than 90 minutes the night before, I very well might have punched him. He made good on his promise and loaded me up with the good stuff and 48 hours later, I’m feeling much improved. I still can’t smell, but I can breathe so I’ve got that going for me. And around here, sometimes it’s not a bad thing not to be able to smell anything…I go back in 2 weeks to have my head re x-rayed to look for an underlying cause of reoccurring sinus infections. I know Peter is dying to let out all the “you need your head examend  jokes he can think of.

Oh. And Auggie’s eye infection? Totally pink eye. And we all got it (except Peter, damn him). Talk about insult to injury. The smell of Vick’s Vapo Rub and bleach is almost visible around our house.

Wade In The Water

Sunday we had our lovely little Augustus baptized. Organizing a ceremony with the Catholic church is always a challenge – just getting someone to return your call let alone GASP put you on the calendar!

I always find stuff like this stressful – who to invite? party after? what to serve? gifts for the baby. gifts for the Godparents. Explaining to Baylor that baptizing ALL of her animals in the sink is not a good idea. where is the baptism gown? will it fit The Tank? which priest will we get? Cripes I’m tired even writing it. But all the work that went into Sunday paid off. We had a simple and beautiful ceremony with Auggie wearing my baptism gown (which Baylor also wore) and there were no tears, only cute smiles all around. We are incredibly blessed with great friends who willingly get out of bed on a Sunday morning to attend mass, a ceremony and a party – not to mention our family members who did the same. It was so special!

Having your sin washed away is exhausting.




The proud Godparents Beth and Grant (and baby Grace coming March 2013!)


It’s so funny to think if we only knew how good life would be  when Beth and I were cruising around in her VW Cabriolet with the top down.



As Beth and I were changing Augg before the ceremony, a little Mexican grandma stopped, pinched Auggie’s cheeks and said “oh gordita!!”. My first response was “he’s a boy” and then I realized that I was more offended that she called him a girl than fat…then I was annoyed that she thought the two gringas wouldn’t know she was insulting my sweet boy. I was later assured by another Nana that gordita (or more correctly, gordito) is a just a nice way of saying he’s adorably chubby. No insults involved. Which made me feel better. And thankful I paid some attention in high school spanish.

Counting My Blessings

You hear about things that are happening to others and it makes you stop and realize how very lucky you are. Today is one of those days where the worst things I’ve got going on are a kiddo who is slightly under the weather, 6 pounds of baby weight that won’t budge and a to do list the length of my arm and only one hand to tackle it with …and in the midst of feeling a little overloaded, I feel like I’m big time winning.

I’m thankful for my health and a body that is still a little chubby but can carry two kids and squat down to get dropped keys, my families’ health, a wonderful husband, crazy kids, health insurance, a warm house, clean sheets, a refrigerator full of food, the ability to ignore the refrigerator full of food and order in, PW’s busy job, a nice sister, a step family that I genuinely like, more friends than fingers, faith in God, a lettuce table that didn’t freeze, a baby who likes to sleep 5ish hours at night and being able to enjoy a glass of wine while to kiddos sleep soundly in their beds.

My mom always says to be thankful for the boring times. Today, I am incredibly thankful for the (relativity) quiet!

Dear Costco

Along the lines of my Dear Cashier post from this week, Lindsey at SMB hit the nail on the head with this post! As well written and true as her article is, it’s the comments on her post that blew me away. “You should hire a sitter if you’re unable to perform simple tasks with your children present” was the first negative comment and it went on from there. As a former retail employee myself, I can say that her assessment of this person’s life is probably accurate – or at least some of the time. But I think the bottom line is this, the guy’s job is to be helpful and he wasn’t and that’s not ok. It is hard to be a parent and it’s really hard to accomplish a simple task like a Costco run with one kid, let alone two with one in the baby Bjorn. Trying to keep everyone happy, quiet,  from running away or being stolen is a job in itself – add lifting heavy objects a good foot from your body is damn near impossible.

PS – what the hell is wrong with people?!

Check out Lindsey’s post on Scottsdale Moms Blog and if you agree with me, let Lindsey know!