21,000 Questions

I know that having your kids ask a ton of questions is a great sign that their minds are working and growing. But holy moly does Ms.B come up with a lot of questions. I try to answer them as truthfully as I can, but it can be a challege. If you have any good answers to the below questions, I’m all ears. These are all actual questions Baylor has asked :

Why does red mean stop and green mean go?

Who decided that red means stop and green means go?

Why doesn’t your car have a trunk? (we have an SUV)

Why do trucks have a bed?

What is the National Guard?

What is the army? (follow up question when I tried to tie it into the army…)

Who are these brave men and women? What are their names?

Why doesn’t Curious George have a tail? Monkeys have tails. (that’s actually a good one. I’m curious too.)

Why is that person riding the bus?

Why don’t they have a car?

Where is that person going?

Why don’t you know where that person is going?

Why is running good exercise?

Why do green beans make you grow?

Why is there a sign that says ducks cross here?

Why is that person running?

Why doesn’t Auggie have teeth?

Why do your teeth fall out?

Why did that lady on TV say that we need to make Arizona a nicer place? It’s already a nice place. (That one was pretty cute).

Why did that man on the news say California?

Why did that man on the news say Washington D.C.?

When are we getting a dog?

Why does that sign have a picture of (insert picture of anything here) on it?

Why do bees make flowers into tomatoes?

Why do babies not go poop on the toilet?

Why are you wearing that shirt?

Why do you think that shirt looks cute?

Why do you volunteer to help at school?

Why can’t I wear sunglasses at school?

Why does Henry get to wear sunglasses at school?

What is a medical condition?

Can I have a medical condition?

Usually one or two of these lead to follow up questions and explanations. It is also the reason I generally can’t talk or think by 7pm most nights. 


3 Day (ok 1) Cleanse

Jen The Trainer has been trying to get me to try a cleanse for months. That crazy lady will do a 2 week juice cleanse and swears it’s amazing. I finally buckeled when I heard about the Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox. It is three days, 4 smoothies a day. The recipes didn’t look too terrible AND I figured 4 smoothies a day should keep me (relatively) full. Peter signed up to join me so on Monday afternoon, I set out to make the first day and part of the second day’s smoothies.

photo 1 (12)

My sous chef. No one should like a stalk of kale that much.

photo 2 (15)By the time I got all the smoothies made, Peter was out. He suddenly had lunches and dinners with clients and friends that could not be skipped. Fine. I’ll go it alone. But after the first day, I was hungry. I was hungry for ANYTHING. Stuff I wouldn’t even normally eat I was suddenly craving. Plus no caffeine put me over the edge. I was out after day one. I went to bed that night and promised myself some coffee in the morning – unless I had lost 5 pounds over night. Then I would probably drink the smoothies for the rest of the month.

Sadly, I did not loose 5 pounds over night so as I poured my coffee, I realized that I am the kind of person that would much rather do a Jen beating workout, run a few miles, go to yoga and control my portions rather than totally restrict my food. I did finish off the smoothies I had already made – I drank them for breakfast and for snacks and I liked the way I felt. The detox smoothies will definitely be making a regular appearance in my diet, they just aren’t going to be the solo acts.

So if you see a sweaty lady running the canal with a red double jogger, it’s me.

If you want to check out the cleanse, check out the recipes and shopping lists here. And if you decide to do it, be sure to give yourself a lot of time to make the smoothies. There are a lot of ingredients and it takes awhile to make each one. Also, make a few at a time so you can grab and go. Also, get your spouse to join. There’s nothing worse than the smell of quesadillas while you’re enjoying a mouthful of avocado, blueberries and cayanne pepper. Plus, it’s more fun when you’re both cranky from hunger.

Oh How They Grow

I have been looking for a fun and different growth chart that the kiddos could share – the standard kind are A. too small (my kids are giants) and B. just boring. I found what I had been looking for on, duh, Pinterest. It was a large board made to look like a ruler and it was rediculously cute.

I have a deep desire to get some stuff checked off my to do list in an attempt to sleep well at night – (I’ve been having those dreams where you are headed to class, but you can’t find it. You get there and you’re not sure if you’re there on the right day and time)- so Peter bought and stained the board and then we tag teamed the decorations. I followed the instructions on 517 Decorations which were descriptive and simple. She had a cleaver way to get the numbers on the board and gave the font and size which made it a no brainer. It is hanging in their room and looks awesome! Using their check up records, I marked in purple and green their height from birth to now. The only down side is that I now have to measure Bay after every dinner where she eats green beans because we told her they would make her grow. There could be worse side effects….






Thanks Mommas

I thought about writing a post that called out some of my friends for the amazing things that they do and that I admire them for. After starting a draft, I found myself worrying that I might accidently insult someone. Like if someone wrote about me “she works hard and keeps her house and family pulled together!” my first thought would be that’s so nice! I love when my friends lie to me and my second would be wait, but I am a good mom to my kids too, right?! People think that part too, right?? So I decided I would write out the things that I’ve learned from my momma friends sans names. Because at the end of the day, the lesson is the important part so here goes:

~Laugh. Make simple things funny. Instead of responding with an honest answer all the time, give a funny answer once in awhile. Your kids have their whole lives to be serious. Make them laugh now while they still think you’re funny.

~Work it. Work hard at your job and then work hard at giving your kids your full attention.

~Be cautious. They’re little and sometimes delicate  While it’s good for them to learn cause and effect (jumping off of the couch will hurt), it’s equally important to not let them learn the effect of their cause all the time.

~Give in. It’s ok to lose the battle BUT, lose graciously.


~Shut up. Don’t be quick to give the answer to their question. Let their imagination wander and ask them what they think the answer is and then be gentle when giving the real reason.

~Save the drama. You are not always going to win every day. Some days you’re just going to survive. Don’t dwell on the negative, look at the positive that happened in the day and then get ready to make the next day better.

~Rest. You are not a robot. It would be cooler if you were but since you’re not, let the laundry sit and you do the same.

~Be kind. Teach your kids that not everyone is as lucky as you are and that it is our duty to care for those around us.

~Don’t judge others. Mostly because we’ve all been that mom that is walking the SCREAMING kiddo into preschool while the baby is still in his jammies with a dirty diaper and blueberries on his face.

~Don’t judge yourself. Some days you’re the mom who got a shower AND both kids out the door. Some days you’re not. Both are ok.

~Laugh. A lot. Enjoy the simple things. Smile.


So thank you to all the lovely moms I get to call my friends. You are all an inspiration, whether you know it or not.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Easter. Better Late Than Never

While I was downloading pictures, I realized I never got any from this past Easter up. Auggie’s sweater was a great idea in theory, but Mother Nature decided to make it 85 degrees so it didn’t last long. At least I got a few pics first!

Those loafers on those chubby feet kill me!

IMG_4823“Smile! No SMILE!!! Ok, look at me. Thank you for trying to make your brother smile by tickling him….”


“Ok, seriously. How are both looking in different directions!! Look here!! Smile!!”

Ok. They aren’t looking, but they are both smiling and looking really cute…


Home Grown Tomatoes

My delicious Black Cherry tomato plant got whacked by the hard freeze in January. I had it covered, but apparently without a heater, a warm quilt was no match for the three day cold snap. I sadly watched the first morning of the freeze as all the leaves on our plants took on a purple tint – a sure sign they were done.

I couldn’t find another Black Cherry, but I did find a Sweet Millions and another cherry variety at my favorite nursery. I wish I had a time lapse camera because these things grew over night. In 8 weeks, they went from seedlings to producing handfuls of fruit! And they are good. Really good. Like I don’t get any inside because I eat them as I water plants good. And our strawberries are going bonkers – it’s a good time to be hungry in the yard.


IMG_4897Sweet Millions not quite ready yet


I’m giving the roses credit for bringing the bees for the tomatoes


Delicious strawberries


Just Us

Last Friday, my awesome sister Ali volunteered to watch Augg so B and I could go to the Children’s Museam, just us. Ali also did the laundry while we were gone. She. Is. Awesome!

Baylor was beyond excited about the Children’s Museam and couldn’t quite grasp that we were going just the two of us. We could do whatever she wanted, when she wanted and I would have two hands free to participate. No breaks for bottles, naps or diaper changes. She asked from the back seat on the drive downtown if we could go to the grocery store section first and they way she asked is like how she asks if she can watch cartoons when she knows the answer is going to be “no”. The pure excitement when I told her “sure, we can do whatever you want” was priceless.

Both of us in the flying bathtub.

photo 1 (9)


The Climber is both the coolest and most unnerving exhibit. It’s built like a giant tree house. It’s all enclosed and yet feels like you could fall out at any second! Of course, the billy goat was all over it.


photo 2 (12)


The grocery and kitchen exhibit.


photo 3 (12)


We had the fort room all to ourselves so we made this masterpiece.


photo 4 (11)


Painting the giant rocket


photo 2 (13)

Toothpaste car – doesn’t she look like she’s 12?!

photo 1 (10)


We capped off our visit with a trip to the gift shop (which we never do) and found some fun things we don’t need. It was amazing how B’s attitude became one of nice words, gentle playing and general contentment for the rest of the weekend. I realized that she can’t verbalize when she needs more one on one attention – I need to get some help with the big guy more often so that she and I can have some fun – just us.


If you go to the Children’s Museum – go early! The school field trip buses arrive around 1030 but the museum opens at 9. Get there right as the doors unlock so that when the big kids get there, you’ll be on the upper floors already. Pack snacks and don’t bring a big bag and don’t bring your full wallet – the climber doesn’t allow purses so you have to leave it at the bottom. Plus you can get your hands on more when you’re not swinging around a big purse. Grab some hand sanitizer and a dose of patience, it can be a bit of a jungle in there!

Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Baylor came with me to a site inspection for the water company. It had just rained and there was mud everywhere. She quietly asked me if she could stomp around and I said yes. Mid sentence, the inspector looked over my shoulder. When I turned around I saw B sitting in the mud. I quickly realized she was laughing – her feet were stuck in the thick mud and she fell over. It made my heart happy to see her laughing while sitting in the mud rather than freaking out. Gotta love a kid who likes to get dirty.


Deep Thoughts with Baylor: Gymnastics

“Mommy? Why do they call it gymnastics?”

“I guess because it’s in a gym.”

“No but why is it called gym-mats-sticks?”

“Is this a trick question?”

“I get why they say gym because it’s in a gym. And there are mats. But why do they say sticks? We don’t ever use any sticks! I wish we did get sticks.”