Power Play

June marked the first of the “summer” power bills for us. It’s that time of year when our bill goes from being manageable to being  a car payment (literally). I choke every time I open that email.

Last month I went to our power company’s website and found their service plan section. They list a bunch of options where you can minimize your use during full peak hours (9am to 9pm), super peak (7pm – noon), etc. We picked the super peak – basically we don’t use the washer, dryer, dishwasher or oven from noon to 7pm Monday through Friday. And we keep the air turned to 81 (which when it’s 112, feels pretty awesome). You can use those things if you need to, but you pay a higher rate during those peak times and a lower one during off peak.

The first week was a bit of a challenge to remember that the laundry had to get done first thing in the morning and to stay on it so it was done by noon. And we are a 8-10 load a week kind of house. Once I got the hang of the timing, it was great. First of all it got all the laundry done before nap time so I could fold without someone pulling it all off the table (his name rhymes with doggie…). Second, it was a good excuse to not throw in a load but save it up so I had a full load rather than a half load of clothes.

We just got our first bill today and I squinted as I opened the email…drum roll please….we saved $181.83!! I was a little shocked at how big the savings were. But it’s a great incentive to keep going and see if we can keep it up. We may be sweaty, but really, who isn’t at this time of year? But we’ll be rich! Or at least not poor!


Happy Anniversary!

I love the song Hey. Ho. from the Lumineers (Baylor calls it the song where “they yell a lot”). When they say “she’d be standing next to me” it always gets me – there’s something so powerful knowing that the person you love is standing next to you.

Today PW and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary and all I kept thinking about were the places and times we’ve stood next to each other…

He stood next to me at our high school graduation

He stood next to me all through college

He stood next to me at our college graduation

He stood next to me on an alter and said “I do”

He stood next to me when we moved 3,000 miles to DC

He stood next to me when I cried desperately homesick

He stood next to me when he graduated from law school

He stood next to me when we drove from Phoenix to DC twice and DC to Phoenix twice

He stood next to me when Baylor was born

He stood next to me held me up when Mame died

He stood next to me when Auggie was born

He stood next to me through countless hard times, millions of good times, struggles, triumphs…he’s always there with a smile, a hug, a voice of reason and a shoulder to lean on.

So here is to the last 8 years and at least 88 more, Peter!





I always worry that I’m not doing enough for the kids. Not reading enough. Not playing enough. Not being patient enough. And that I’m going to give them permanent issues because they are sharing a room. Worry worry worry. You want the best for your kids so you work to give them the moon…but sometimes the moon isn’t totally necessary.

When my sister was in kindergarten, she was sent to the nurse for a bump or bruise. She came home from school that day enamored by the fact that the nurse had “made” ice. She begged my mom to ask the nurse for the recipe. Perplexed, my mom agreed. She realized later that the nurse used ice-cube trays – we had an ice maker so Ali had never seen a tray before.

My niece Madi used to beg my step sister to please turn on the “normal” radio in the car coming home from school. Her friends didn’t have satellite radio so she wanted to listen to the free radio that her friends were listening to.

The other night while getting Baylor out of the tub, she told me how she had been in the bathroom at a friend’s house recently and how she thought they had a HUGE window in the bathroom. But when she pulled back the curtain, she found it was actually the bathtub. Better yet, the bathtub HAD A SHOWER IN IT!! The look of pure joy on her face over the idea of a bathtub and shower together was priceless. This as I’m pulling her out of the claw foot tub that took weeks to get, was installed incorrectly, had to be removed and then put back into place and cost a small fortune…if I had only known she would have been more impressed by a tub shower.

The moral that I need to remember is this: no matter what the gift is, the box is most likely going to be more fun. And that’s a good thing. They are going to enjoy the fact that Baylor used to climb into Auggie’s crib in the morning to play and that they used to wake each other up in the middle of the night. They will laugh about how they put stickers all over each other behind me as I scrambled to get a few things done in the office (hell, they do that now).

At the very least, this will all be good things to talk about at therapy some day. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

Motherly Love

It’s my own fault really. I was encouraging her by buying her the stationary…nothing like a homemade birthday card! And this is also what I get when I don’t “Mason proof” prior to that little hurricane’s arrival. He apparently needed to sign the card too – alll over.


Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

Baylor has been in swim lessons year round since she was about 10 months old. Lately I have been getting the business from a few parents as to why I would do that. I questioned it a little myself until Baylor jumped into the club pool before PW was near her. If you’ve ever watched a kid panic in the water, seconds seem like hours. I saw the flash of panic on her face when she came up for air as the pool was deeper than she thought. As Peter made his way to her, I saw the panic quickly be taken over by muscle memory. Her head went back and her chest came up – she back floated for a second to catch her breath, get oriented and then calmly rolled herself over and kicked to the wall. I realized then and there that the last 156 swim lessons have been worth every penny.

Fast forward a few weeks and we’re in our lovely neighbor Melissa’s pool. Baylor was splashing on the steps and then decided she would swim to me – she swam half way across the pool with “scoops” (arms) and side breaths. I. Was. Amazed. I have been in the baby pool with Auggie during lessons for the last 6 weeks while Bay was in the big pool. I had no idea her strokes had gotten so good. When Peter joined us later, I thought his jaw was going to hit the cool deck as he watched her swim so well.


Want to go where we go? Check out Hubbard’s Family Swim School. Indoors (no sunscreen, no sun, no bugs, no chlorine), year round in a heated pool. What’s not to love?

Yoga Oh No

I’ve been back into yoga for a few weeks after several years absence. And it’s been awesome. It was easy to jump back into plank position and the added stretching of the tight muscles created carrying around my 25 pound squishy baby (totally worth it, but the hunch back is sooo not in) is fantastic.

So yesterday I was atempting bakasana or crow and I was doing quite well. Feet off the floor and holding steady. And then Mo, the instructor, had me try to it up a notch. Crow transitions to a head stand – eek. So as I tried to sloooowly go from this:


to this:

Yoga - Headstand Pose

When I did this:

kneeThat’s right. I was the girl who very ungracefully fell over at yoga. And made a nice loud thud as my knee slammed into the wood floor. Thankfully it didn’t hurt all that bad and the class was either into their own pose or chatting  to notice so it wasn’t too embarrassing. And I guess better my knee than my head. But until my crow starts looking a little better, I’ll leave the handstands to the professionals.

Happeee Birthday…

to me!

This morning, bright and early at yoga, the instructor asked us to set our intention for the day. The first thing that came to my mind was gratitude. I’m grateful for another year of life, for a body that can keep up with two happy healthy kiddos, an amazing husband, a happy home and a wonderful family. Thank you for all the Facebook posts, texts, calls, emails and cards. I love birthday celebrations so all the of these things make me feel so loved.

So from my first birthday…

BW birthday


To this 31st (eek)  birthday and many more!

bw aw

First and Last: Preschool Year 2

I can’t believe we are another done at preschool! For some reason this year was a sad ending. I don’t really know why, but it made me a little emotional saying goodbye to her teachers and the Panda room. B will be back next year and the year after, but she’ll be on the big playground next year. Yikes she’s growing up fast. Her end of the year packet had three dates where her teachers measured and weighed her. From August to May, she grew 2.5 inches and gained 4lbs. No wonder she can pack the food away.

My mom always said she enjoyed every phase of our lives (with the exception of the snotty teenager). She said she rarely longed for the days gone by because each new phase held great things that were better than the last. I feel the same way about B. Yes it was amazing when she was little and snuggly (she’s still a good snuggler), but I love listening to her make up stories through a bubble beard in her bath. I love when she says “Mommy. You know…” because I know she’s about to try to swindle me – and I usually give in because I love that she’s thinking not just about what she wants but how she can get it. She’s growing up and it’s really adorable. I just wish it wasn’t so fast.

August 2012

IMG_4337 IMG_4335 IMG_4336

May 2013

IMG_5007 IMG_5000 IMG_5003

Birthday Week: Friendly Faces

And now for the big event: the friend birthday bash. What do you do when you live in AZ, have a birthday in June and you don’t have a pool? Why you throw a splash party (again – and just give it a new theme). Last year we had a splash par-tay, this year we had a luau. Same events, just with a Hawaiian theme. The result? A fantastic bash, event at 109 degrees.

PW made this last year and I still love it!

IMG_5059The “Kid Carwash” from last year is now rebuilt and better than ever as “Hurricane Alley”



Party in full swing


I love this action shot – look how high Baylor is on the swing!


IMG_5074 IMG_5076 IMG_5062

B was not keen on the whole luau them…until she saw the ankle leis


IMG_5164 IMG_5168

My sister Ali and her friend Michelle. Friends since 5th grade


IMG_5154Blowing out the candles on the Make Your Own Sundae

IMG_5126 - Copy

Nothing like friends to lick the candles withIMG_5129Pretty sure I have the exact same picture from college in a shoe box somewhere…

IMG_5086For Stephanie’s pictures, go to Many Hats of a Mom.com!