Birthday Week: Family Style

We don’t have just birthdays in our house. We have birthday weeks. Why? Because it takes a whole week to squeeze in all the celebrating!

When I was a kid, my entire family on my mom’s side would come to visit always right around my birthday. And because a birthday is a great reason to throw a party (or multiple parties) I was sure that they really came to visit for my birthday. Thus, birthday week.

We started off Baylor’s birthday week on a Sunday with a big family birthday party. Her cousins, aunts, uncle, grandparents (including Noni who flew in from MT just for the occasion!), godfather and lots of other adopted family members joined us for dinner, cake and presents. We always ask her friends not to bring gifts to her friend party, but stopping the family from bringing gifts would be about as successful as me flying to the moon – it’s just not going to happen.

The Fam


Learning about Flarp from Missa – it’s like less messy play dough that makes fart noises. What’s not to love?!IMG_5013

Cousin Madi


Mason being naughty…


Time for cake! Chocolate with chocolate icing, of course



Her face while opening presents was priceless


Her order is “apple juice in a big girl cup with ice and it’s Baylor with a B”

IMG_5034 IMG_5036 IMG_5037

A dollar for each year from her godfather

IMG_5041 IMG_5043

IMG_5046Shuttling around Mason
IMG_5048 IMG_5052Trouble. Serious trouble.


Happy Birthday Baylor!

Today, Ms. B turns 4 years old. It’s not officially official until 11:46pm tonight, but we’ll say it’s close enough. After a week of parties, special outings and presents, we are spending today quietly. We’re going to play with all the new presents and put a candle in everything she eats and sing and cover her with kisses.

Happy birthday big girl! Stop eating those green beans that make you grow so fast!



Birthday rewind: last year



Second birthday

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First birthday

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The real birthday

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