Successful What?

A friend once told me that successful people do 5 things before 8am. If my kids are up every 2-3 hours at night requiring water, clothing changes (vomit), bedding changes (you don’t want to know…), rocked back to sleep, patted back to sleep, tucked in – that is way more than 5 things we’re doing before 8am. And the fact that this pattern has been happening the last 5 nights that should make us really successful. The question is what we are successful at. At being sleep deprived? At being crabby? At being zombies? PW and I have yet to determine….

Bag O Tricks

I think every mom hid some attention getting, melt down averting, stomach rumble stopping tricks in her bag. I certainly do. Which means I carry a  bag that would make a sherpa strain to lift and  looks like this when you peak inside:

Peanut butter Ritz Bitz? Check.

Tissues? Check

Face and antibacterial wipes? Check.

Other forms of disinfection? Check.

Suckers? Check.

Diapers, wipes, rash cream? Check. Check. Check.

Dinosaurs? Check.

It should be noted that the only things in this bag that are mine are the wallet and sunglasses case.


Run Team Olivia!

This past Saturday marked our second run as part of Team Olivia in the Children’s Cancer Network’s Run to Fight Children’s Cancer. I’m always excited to sign up, but the morning of the run Peter and I say to each other at least three times “let’s not do this next year” as we try to wake, feed, dress and load the kids by 6am along with their snacks, waters, joggers, sweatshirt and contingency gear.

But once we get there, we realize why we go. After the run, there is a survivor walk. As we followed our friends, the B family, I realized how amazing it must feel to know that just a few years ago, they were pulling sweet Olivia in a wagon because she was too weak to make the quarter mile walk. And this year, she was the horn blower to start the walk and then ran the entire track.

It’s hard not to get teary as you walk and realize how amazingly lucky and blessed we are to have two healthy kiddos. And for those that aren’t healthy, it’s worth the effort to run for them.

Team Wand ran the 5k in 33 minutes trading off pushing a 100 lbs jogger. Not to shabby. BTW, check out how much this team has grown since last year!

photo 1 (41)


B got in on the running action

photo 2 (46)

Post run celebrationphoto 3 (36) photo 2 (47)Auggie was slightly less enthused about the whole thing. We also learned he is terrified of mascots. The Sun’s Gorilla, Howler the Coyote and the Grand Canyon University Antelope all scared the bejesus out of him. Note to self.

photo 4 (24) photo 3 (35)

Buddies ready to take on the obstical course

photo 4 (25) photo 1 (42) photo 2 (48)

There was tons of media coverage – I love how easy the Team Olivia shirts are to see! Check out the honoree herself getting caped up for the survivor walk.


T Time

On a warm Saturday morning, I had one of those fabulous “this is so much fun” parenting moments.

I was standing on a baseball field in the hot sun, watching friends pull into parking spaces. Each of them had the windows down and the Frozen soundtrack turned up. Little hands reached out of windows waving. Little hands waved back from the field. Suddenly the bleacher bench was filled with smiling faces and little legs clad in baseball pants. There were matching pink helmets, pink bat bags, pink and black gloves. Water bottles were compared and shared. Dads shook hands, took roll and divided into groups. And we were off! T-ball season has begun! And I think we’re off on the road of many years of practices, games, heartbreak and fun. Bring it on, we’re ready.

Do you love these guys?!

photo 1 (38)

Thank you Diamondbacks for the great uniforms! Yea White Diamondbacks! (slight issue when you donate the uniforms to the entire league an every team is the same mascot…hopefully there will be enough colors to make it less confusing….)

photo 4 (23)

This guy? Is having the time of his life. And thank goodness, because the other dads are terrified of taking the girls from the team. There was honest panic in their voices when he was in Montana. Herding cats would be far, far easier.

photo 5 (13)

This guy kills me. His only goal during practice is to get on the field. He generally settles for sitting on the bench. I can’t take the cuteness.

photo 1 (40)

Yelling at Cheering on his sister

photo 2 (45)

February in a Nutshell

When we did get out in February, we had a great time. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We saw the Pony Express ride into town. These gentlemen ride from Prescott to Scottsdale and deliver letters from a school there to a school here. It’s neat to see the tradition live on. And hilarious to see traffic stopped for 40 horses.

Getting out as far as she could without actually being in the street

photo 2 (40)

Pop and Auggie getting very excited

photo 1 (35)

And here they come!

photo 3 (31)

Next was the Waste Management Open. I vowed long ago that I would not go back until I could be up in a sky box and away from the drunken masses. Thankfully for me, one of Peter’s clients got sick so I got to go on Sunday morning!

photo 3 (32) photo 2 (41) photo 1 (36)

Auggie got a new tooth. And everyone knows about it because he looked like this for pretty much the entire month. He’s crying in this picture because I wouldn’t let him play with the straightener.

photo 4 (22)

We waited patiently to see Peter in the Parada Del Sol. Sadly, the Scottsdale 20/30 Men were “excused” from the parade. I’ve heard various excuses and explaination. I buy none of them.

photo 5 (12)

Baylor made me an amazing bracelet for Valentine’s Day. She put two B’s – one for her and one for me.

photo 1 (37) photo 2 (42)

And the absolute most fun part of February – Baylor started t-ball! We have been having such a good time – can’t wait for some actual games. And thanks to the Diamondbacks for the awesome uniforms! The fact that every team in the league are the Diamondbacks is a touch confusing…but making them different colors helps!

Go Red Diamondbacks!

photo 4 (23)

It’s a little tough to know who likes t-ball more – Peter or Bay. And God love him, he’s the only dad brave enough to coach the girls from the team and make them behave!

photo 5 (13)

Aaaannnddd We’re Back!

It’s over! February is over! I’ve never been so excited to see a month end.

Why? Because it means we have Peter back both physically AND mentally. My lovely hubby has been studying for the Montana bar exam for the last several months. This past month has been the most brutal. The last time he studied for the Arizona bar, we had no kids and he did not have a job which made the process a slightly less painful. Like a filling with  novacaine.

Studying with a full time all consuming job and two kids? Root canal. No painkiller.

I thought it was just me but while driving this weekend, B piped up from the back seat saying “Daddy – it’s so nice to be able to talk to you again!”. She was referencing the fact that for the last 6 weeks, we literally haven’t talked to Peter. He was working, studying, listening to lectures or trying to get a moment to relax so we didn’t talk to him. He was listening to lectures a lot so I got very used to looking to see if his ear buds were in, deciding if what I had to say was important enough to ask him to take them out…and then forgetting what I had to say all together. It was a long month.

To put it in perspective, I was emailing with a former college of PW’s and filling her in on what he was up to. She emailed me the next day saying that she woke up in a cold sweat after having a nightmare that she had to retake the bar exam.

But we did get out a little in February – recap coming tomorrow. For now, we’re just excited to be off of social probation!!