Super Hero Afternoon

We are busy lately. Like 4 events each weekend day, tball, swim, school, birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, rehearsal dinners, brunches, end of school parties – you name it, we’re doing it. And usually all in the same day. But once in awhile we get an afternoon where everyone has napped and is happy AND we don’t have any plans. I got to watch Baylor’s imagination stretch out and she decided she needed to be a super hero. She dug into the dress up basket and came up with a cape and mask – and a cape for Mac. It was fun to watch her stomp around looking for bad guys – and to have her want projects. I cried and said that some bad guy had pulled all the shoes off the shelf in the closet and I desperately needed someone to organize them…I really wish she wanted to be a super hero everyday.


This guy was his own kind of super hero. Of course at Halloween he refused to wear this helmet but now…NOW it’s awesome! He walked around and says “wooowooo! woooo!” – his version of a siren.


Ham it Up

This guy? Is a ham. Like ham sandwich hammy. I think he’s learning how cute he is and is thinking it will get him out of trouble – and he’s probably right.

Take for instance his impromptu photo shoot on Easter:





Cousins? Just a good excuse for some hamminessIMG_6277 IMG_6278 IMG_6279

Maybe he gets it from these knuckleheads…IMG_6282 IMG_6281

Eggs-selent Hunt

Trying to get the three of them to A. Look B. Smile and C. Do them at the same time just doesn’t happen!IMG_6290 IMG_6291 IMG_6292


Some people take their hunts seriously….very seriously

IMG_6293 IMG_6294 IMG_6300 IMG_6306 IMG_6301Others…not so seriously

IMG_6299 IMG_6298 IMG_6297 IMG_6302 IMG_6304Good thing there’s a Grandma to help!IMG_6308


Such a pretty day


Smell Ya Later

Except if you’re me, then you won’t be doing any smelling. At all. And if you’re not smelling, you’re not tasting either. For almost a week, my sinuses have been staging some kind of revolt (again) and my combination of nasal sprays and rinses has rendered me smell-less. Which, as Peter pointed out, isn’t really such a bad thing around our house will all the poopy diapers, stinky feet and smelly dogs.

But not being able to enjoy food is annoying. You don’t realize how unsatisfying meals are if you can’t taste it – good or bad, hot or mild, sweet or sour. I decided I would turn this time into a super healthy few days because the food I wanted to eat didn’t satisfy so I might as well load up on lean protien and veggies.

The part I hate the most is the lack of connection to what’s around me. They say that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory – but I think it’s also one of the strongest just living life. I love the smell of Auggie’s head. Of Baylor’s cheeks. Of those stinky feet. I like dog breath (much as it pains me to say) and the smell of Peter’s shirts. There is a very strange feeling of disconnection from everything happening.

Yesterday morning was our “quiet day” meaning we didn’t have school, tball, swim or really any other plans for the day. So I whipped up pancakes. I realized half way through their cooking that I was getting the faintest scent of golden cakes crisping on the griddle. It smelled amazing. Sadly it was gone as soon as it came, but for a minute, I got to enjoy those pancakes!

I’m being patient that whatever is gripping my head will go away soon and that my sense of smell will be back in full “what is that smell??” swing soon. It’s coming back slooowly and I’m sure I will be longing for the days missing out on the daily scents around here.

Green Smoothie

Before Baylor was born, I came across a recipe for a green smoothie. For some crazy reason, I was intrigued. I gathered up my ingredients and created one of the most delicious smoothies I’ve ever had and the main ingredient is….spinach!

I drink these every morning and usually one in the afternoon when I get snacky for something sweet. I make about 8 red cups and keep them in the fridge for easy access. It fills you up and gives you a big dose of fruits and veggies in one tasty drink!



1 large box of baby spinach

4-5 kale leaves deveined

3-4 large carrots – chopped

12-16oz frozen pineapple check

12-16oz frozen strawberries

12-16oz frozen blueberries

12-16oz frozen raspberries

1 bottle Vitamin Water Zero



~In a Cuisinart or blender (I use a Cuisinart), blend spinach, kale, pineapple and Vitamin Water. Add plain water if need be to get the mixture really smooth.

~Pour mix into approximately 8 red cups – each about half way.

~Blend strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and carrots (might need to do in two sets) with hot water until smooth.

~Fill remaining half of cups, cover and refrigerate. Enjoy!



Jake Early Art

During a rare weekday breakfast date at Orange Table, PW and I spotted a picture of Camelback Mountain hanging on the wall. I realized it was the same artist that had just had an installation in the Belle Tower. A quick email to the artist later, we were arranging when he could drop off the print to us.

Much to my and the artist’s surprise – we knew each other! Auggie and his twin boys have been swimming together for the last few months. Phoenix is still a small town after all.

After looking at our beautiful new picture for a few days, we decided that we couldn’t pass up the other two prints of Papago Mountain and of Piestewa (Squaw) Peak. Jake is working on a print of South Mountain and we’ll add that to the set later this summer. I love that we’re going to have the #2 prints of each of these limited editions. Our art collection may be small, but it’s beginning to build with some really amazing pieces – almost all by local artists we have met!

Check out (and pick up!) Jake’s work at

Here’s a look at our new pieces:

 photo 1 (45) photo 2 (51) photo 3 (37)

Ben’s Bells

I was so thrilled when a college friend posted to her FaceBook about spearheading a Phoenix chapter of Ben’s Bells. It’s an adorably simple concept: hang bells around town for people to find. Ask them to take the bell home and remember to practice kindness when they hear it ring.

The charity’s namesake, Ben, was a precious three year old living in Tucson. He awoke with croup like symptoms but seemed to be feeling ok. Like every mom would, his parents waited and watched his condition. In a flash, his airway swelled shut and they were unable to get him the help he needed in time. His parents began Ben’s Bells as a coping strategy that has blossomed into a beautiful tribute to his memory. And it has touched the lives of other tragedy victims including those in New Town Connecticut.

We were gifted 7 bells to distribute around town. We took them to our regular haunts and waited patiently  for them to be discovered and taken home. We realized later that people were a little confused as to whether they were supposed to take the bell, leave it for someone else or take it and then put it back out to be found by someone else. So after a few educational conversations with friends and aqaintences, all of our bells were found. We asked the friends that we knew to spread the word about the project. We’ve since bought a few more from the website as gifts and a few to leave for others to find too.

They make the cutest gifts for any occasion so order some up for you, friends and strangers:


Leaving one at swim lessons – someone was not pleased about posing…

photo 1 (43)

I couldn’t tell that sweet little face that we weren’t allowed to “find” one, so it is hanging outside their bedroom door

photo 2 (49)