Smell Ya Later

Except if you’re me, then you won’t be doing any smelling. At all. And if you’re not smelling, you’re not tasting either. For almost a week, my sinuses have been staging some kind of revolt (again) and my combination of nasal sprays and rinses has rendered me smell-less. Which, as Peter pointed out, isn’t really such a bad thing around our house will all the poopy diapers, stinky feet and smelly dogs.

But not being able to enjoy food is annoying. You don’t realize how unsatisfying meals are if you can’t taste it – good or bad, hot or mild, sweet or sour. I decided I would turn this time into a super healthy few days because the food I wanted to eat didn’t satisfy so I might as well load up on lean protien and veggies.

The part I hate the most is the lack of connection to what’s around me. They say that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory – but I think it’s also one of the strongest just living life. I love the smell of Auggie’s head. Of Baylor’s cheeks. Of those stinky feet. I like dog breath (much as it pains me to say) and the smell of Peter’s shirts. There is a very strange feeling of disconnection from everything happening.

Yesterday morning was our “quiet day” meaning we didn’t have school, tball, swim or really any other plans for the day. So I whipped up pancakes. I realized half way through their cooking that I was getting the faintest scent of golden cakes crisping on the griddle. It smelled amazing. Sadly it was gone as soon as it came, but for a minute, I got to enjoy those pancakes!

I’m being patient that whatever is gripping my head will go away soon and that my sense of smell will be back in full “what is that smell??” swing soon. It’s coming back slooowly and I’m sure I will be longing for the days missing out on the daily scents around here.

Zyrtec Anonymous

I have been taking the allergy medicine Zyrtec for literally 8 months. When stuff is blooming or blowing around or just plain growing, I get a dizzy headache from it. And let me tell you what fun it is to take care of a two-year old who thinks being dizzy is super fun…

I am not one for medication so I decided I would try an experiment. If I stopped taking it, would I get a headache? Nope! I felt great! I sound like a schizophrenic who decides they feel so good with their meds, they don’t need them any more…any way that was about 3 days ago. Two days ago I was running with Bay to the park and got a crazy itching attack. My arms and back itched like mad! I figured it was something in the air because it seemed to dissipate when I got home.

Then yesterday, my sister Ali noticed I had drawn blood on my shoulder I had itched it so hard. I was like the crazy crackhead from the Chappell Show.  I don’t remembering itching that bad since right after Baylor was born and I had a reaction to some medication – in the video of her in the hospital, I can be seen the background scratching all over and asking PW to repeatedly scratch my feet since I couldn’t quite get to them.

I honestly thought I somehow developed an allergy to our laundry detergent. I changed shirts, slapped on anti itch cream and tried to ignore the incessant need to scratch…and then gave up and popped a Zyrtec convinced something in the air was bugging me. And predictably, the itching stopped. I decided it was time to Google “Zyrtec itchy arms” and I kid you not, like 20+ forums popped up all with people complaining of Zyrtec itching withdrawal. Apparently the company doesn’t list this as a side effect (convenient) however tons of people agree that after taking the medicine for a long time, it makes you itch like mad while you’re coming down off the stuff.

So apparently instead of detox poncho, I’m going to have to get the oven mitt version so I don’t scar myself…