Lake View

Ok, ok, okay. I’m sure you’re tired of seeing pictures of Montana. But I’m not so here are a few more ūüôā

One of the prettiest hikes at the ranch, in my humble opinion, is the trail around the lake. It’s about a mile and a half and there is little elevation change so it’s pretty easy for Baylor to do and I can carry Auggie in the backpack AND walk. The scenery is spectacular – you walk through fields of wild flowers, duck under dense, dark forest and hop over small streams. It’s really amazing.¬†072 074

The Quaking Aspen trees shimmer and shake as the breeze blows


089 077

The wildflowers are amazing

079 090 091

The view of the lodge from behind the lake088

So the theory goes that Baylor will hike the lake. The reality is that she spends most of the hike on Peter’s shoulders. Translation? Mom and Dad are wiped out from hiking with an additional 40lbs and 30lbs (Augg plus pack) and the kids are well rested.

photo 2 (22)

Nothing puts that kid to sleep like a hike in the backpack

photo 1 (18)


Taking in the view

photo 3 (18)

Dinner and a Show


This is the face of a kid that is only satisfied eating his dinner if his mother is making a fool of herself by singing to him while he eats. His favorites are¬†The Wheels on the Bus,¬†Old MacDonald had a Farm¬†and¬†Holla Back Girl (for when he’s eating bananas). He also enjoys when his mother is getting really frustrated but trying to stay calm by singing a new verse of¬†The Wheels on the Bus¬†about how the mommies are getting off the bus to go have margaritas.

Auggie – 4 Months

The wild man has continued his growth spurt – 3 lbs and 3 inches these last two months! He’s now 19 lbs 26 inches – 75th and 95th respectively. I knew my shoulders hurt for a reason… He is now grabbing, holding and examining anything he can get his hands on and of course, get into his mouth. He’s getting close to sitting up without help and is desperately trying to get his swimming arms and legs coordinated enough to crawl and keep up with his cousin, Mason. Who he currently out weighs despite Mason being 6 months older.

You can really start to see the difference from his two month pictures. Those legs are stretching out!


Photography is serious,Mom


This is how he spends most of his time not in the jumper


Always angling for a better view.


Ta da! IMG_4770 IMG_4771 IMG_4767

Those wrist rolls don’t even compare to his thigh rolls – hard to decide which I love more…IMG_4776

Jumping Bean

Auggie got a new jumper for Christmas and Grandma and Grandpa were kind enough to deliver it a few weeks early and I swear the kid hasn’t left it since! He loves to bounce and spin and grab the toys. So much so that he’s worn through not one but TWO pairs of jammies. He’s literally jumping out of them!

Loving on his favorite Lamb




First casualty


And the latest…


Wade In The Water

Sunday we had our lovely little Augustus baptized. Organizing a ceremony with the Catholic church is always a challenge – just getting someone to return your call let alone GASP put you on the calendar!

I always find stuff like this stressful – who to invite? party after? what to serve? gifts for the baby. gifts for the Godparents. Explaining to Baylor that baptizing ALL of her animals in the sink is not a good idea. where is the baptism gown? will it fit The Tank? which priest will we get? Cripes I’m tired even¬†writing¬†it. But all the work that went into Sunday paid off. We had a simple and beautiful ceremony with Auggie wearing my baptism gown (which Baylor also wore) and there were no tears, only cute smiles all around. We are incredibly blessed with great friends who willingly get out of bed on a Sunday morning to attend mass, a ceremony and a party – not to mention our family members who did the same. It was so special!

Having your sin washed away is exhausting.




The proud Godparents Beth and Grant (and baby Grace coming March 2013!)


It’s so funny to think if we only knew how good life would be ¬†when Beth and I were cruising around in her VW Cabriolet with the top down.



As Beth and I were changing Augg before the ceremony, a little Mexican grandma stopped, pinched Auggie’s cheeks and said “oh gordita!!”. My first response was “he’s a boy” and then I realized that I was more offended that she called him a girl than fat…then I was annoyed that she thought the two gringas wouldn’t know she was insulting my sweet boy. I was later assured by another Nana that gordita (or more correctly, gordito) is a just a nice way of saying he’s adorably chubby. No insults involved. Which made me feel better. And thankful I paid¬†some¬†attention in high school spanish.

Dear Cashier

Dear Cashier,

First, lets talk about what your job requirement ARE: greeting customers, ringing up sales, making change, bagging items and occasionally smiling at a customer.

Second, lets talk about what your job requirement IS NOT: commenting on customer purchases would be one amongst others I’m sure….

Now, that said, lets address the later. Yes, I am buying probiotics for my baby. Yes, it is a small bottle. Yes, he does have colic. Yes, it is quite expensive for such a small bottle. No, he doesn’t sleep very well. That’s very interesting that when you had children SIXTY YEARS AGO that you just toughed it out when your baby was colicy.

So now that you’ve gotten to offer your opinion, I think it’s only fair that you listen to my opinion: your opinion is not valid in this transaction. Please stop talking, ring the item and hand my¬†receipt. Oh, and try to act like and adult when I say this to you rather than a petulant three year old. I already have one of those.




Auggie – 1 Month

I took a picture of Baylor each month of her first year with the same stuffed animal so that we could see how much she grew. It seemed only appropriate that we use the Augie Dogie blanket at a yard stick for Auggie baby.

A just started to really smile this month Рhe will smile back at you and also when you tickle his chin.