Dear Cashier

Dear Cashier,

First, lets talk about what your job requirement ARE: greeting customers, ringing up sales, making change, bagging items and occasionally smiling at a customer.

Second, lets talk about what your job requirement IS NOT: commenting on customer purchases would be one amongst others I’m sure….

Now, that said, lets address the later. Yes, I am buying probiotics for my baby. Yes, it is a small bottle. Yes, he does have colic. Yes, it is quite expensive for such a small bottle. No, he doesn’t sleep very well. That’s very interesting that when you had children SIXTY YEARS AGO that you just toughed it out when your baby was colicy.

So now that you’ve gotten to offer your opinion, I think it’s only fair that you listen to my opinion: your opinion is not valid in this transaction. Please stop talking, ring the item and hand my┬áreceipt. Oh, and try to act like and adult when I say this to you rather than a petulant three year old. I already have one of those.