Sunset on the Beach

The last night in San Diego, the light was amazing. It was an overcast day, but still a little sunny…it was strange but in a good way. It made for some spectacular pictures:

No filter, no special settings.

IMG_7798 IMG_7797

This is my favorite. Do you see the sun in the very top of the frame?IMG_7806

The Beach

We always have a ball at the beach and this year was no exception. Each year keeps getting better as the kids get older and they’re able to do new things.

Both of them are crazy for the water. They like to run into it, swim, dive, fall over, run from it and repeat. As Baylor and I were holding hands and jumping over the waves that rolled our way, I asked her if she wanted to try boogie boarding (body boarding? I don’t know what the kids are calling it these days). I love to go out on the boogie board. As kids, we spent hours sitting, watching, waiting, riding and paddling back out. We learning which waves were the good ones, when to catch them and how to ride all the way to the sand. Being on a board in the cold, salty water on a hot day are some of my most favorite childhood memories.

“Should we go get the boogie board and give it a try?”

“No. We should wait for daddy.”

“No because there’s a chance daddy won’t let us do it so let’s go get it now.”

A few whiny minutes later, I convinced her to lay out on the board between waves. As she began to protest, I shoved her and the board into a breaking wave and then watched in awe as she rode it all the way to the shore. When the board stopped, she waited a second before jumping up. She turned and looked at me with the biggest, toothless smile and screamed “LET’S DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!”. Which we did. For the next 2 hours and then for hours more the next day.

Ahhhh. Such a gorgeous day!



She may have my eyes and hair, but she has her daddy’s walk

Getting brave….

IMG_7761 IMG_7763

Loving every moment!

(She also lost another tooth. What is it about vacation and losing teeth with this kid?!)

IMG_7754 IMG_7795

Someone else wanted in on the action

IMG_7702 IMG_7691 IMG_7695

Auggie! Let’s build a sand castle! Let me take your picture while you work. Auggie. Auggie! Over here!


Auggs! Auggie! Just one picture!


Ok I lied. One picture where you don’t look so pissed off.


Ok thank you! As you were.


Sharks? SHARKS?!


Phew. Just a pod of dolphins.

IMG_7735 IMG_7733

Going Going Back Back

We put another great vacation in the history books this weekend with the annual trip to Coronado, CA. We spent 4 days enjoying the cool weather, walking to every destination and relaxing. It was just what a beach vacation should be!


Very serious game of kickball

Finally getting to fly her Barbie kite


The beach is a lot of work for Baby Mason

Ok, the beach is a lot of work for everyone…

“I don’t get it…where’s the beach?”

The surrey bike. PW and I laughed about riding these around campus when he ran for student senate in college..

Showing off her new favorite hat that she picked out at the surf shop

Dancing to the music on the deck…mommy wishing she had cocktails to improve her moves…

I love the way she is hanging on to us. Hoping she plans to do so for a very long time!

The Legend of Kate Morgan

While sitting on the deck of the Hotel Del Coronado, my mom and I joked about the legend of Kate Morgan. We quickly realized my brother-in-law had never heard the story and so began a dramatic retelling of the legend…

In the late 1800’s, Kate Morgan checked into the Hotel Del awaiting her loovvvaaa. However, after days of waiting, he never showed. Angry, upset, sad, confused…no one knew her true state of mind when she flung herself out of the window. Kate Morgan checked in, but never checked out. It’s said that the room she stayed in is frequently disturbed by ghosts. A shadowy figure by the window, toilets flushing by themselves, ash trays thrown across the room and billowy curtains despite closed windows.

Somehow, the tall tale spiraled into this topic: what if KM had just moseyed down to the bar and enjoyed a “screw him” cocktail? Maybe things would have ended a little nicer for her. Having already imbibed our own cocktails, my mom and I flagged down the waiter and asked him: “What would you have brought Kate Morgan if she wanted a screw him kinda cocktail?!”. Bewildered and then suddenly amused, the waiter agreed to bring us whatever the bartender deemed worthy of Kate.

A few minutes later, the love child of a Mai Tai and a Pina Colada arrived at our table. We toasted Kate, wherever she may be. Two sips and we were giggling. Three sips and we were howling. Four sips and we decided it was time to go back to the beach before we were asked to leave.

Along the way, my mom informed me that the little metal strips on the short wall along the board walk were butt spacers – so no one would sit too close to you. I countered with the fact that they were there so skate boarders wouldn’t ride along the wall. “Oh.” She replied and then promptly told me I was wrong. Fits of laughter ensued.

Oh. Helllloooo my pretty….