Happy Father’s Day

We had a lovely Father’s Day weekend. Peter’s one request was no gifts so we went the home made route:

Just what every dad wants –  silly glasses! They were a big hit:

Baylor is clearly excited:

Please note the oh-so-cool-improvised wands on the sides. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

And So It Begins

Today began what will be a lifetime of milestones – education wise that is. Ms.B graduated from being a “little bird” to a “big beast” at the Little Gym.

We started attending Little Gym classes when Baylie was about 10 months old. At that time, she was the only baby in the class who didn’t walk. And much like her parents, her ego got the best of her and two weeks later, she walked! Not only is it fun, but I think she’s learned a lot too. Colors, textures, words, throwing, kicking, sharing and patience are just a few of the things I think she’s really picked up on.  It’s also a great excuse to put down my ever-growing “to do” list, get down on the floor and have fun. It’s hard to believe how much she’s changed in these last 8 months and how many more changes we’re in for. Today was so fun, but a little sad too to think how fast she is growing up!

A few pics from today’s graduation. Please note that not only is she standing on the podium, she gave all her friends a nice “parade wave” as she got her medal. She’s 18 months going on 18 years!

A Truly Disturbing Story

I almost never ask Peter’s permission to write about him the blog.  He only finds out after reading the day’s post and then he calls me to comment and then say “and stop writing about me” (ha, as if everything is about him). However, this particular topic was his idea. It is truly a disturbing story. What is more disturbing is that he doesn’t think it’s disturbing which is why he suggested it would make a great post.

My sweet, loving, smart, magna cum laude undergrad, top ten law school educated, cum laude graduate, bills-out-at-$250-an-hour, big firm lawyer husband eats lentil soup out of a can for lunch at least three days a week. Yup. Straight out of a can. No heating it up. No separate bowl.  And he informed me that he didn’t want to walk down the hall to find a spoon so he at yesterday’s lunch with a fork. Insult to injury. The only thing worse would be slurping it directly out of the can or a spork. I think he didn’t use that only because he hadn’t been to the indian food restaurant lately and saved his disposable silverware. The really disgusting part is that he likes it. In fact, he chooses to eat it over anything else.

This is doubly disturbing for me, a person who makes a home cooked meal at least five nights a week. I even pack the leftovers in a separate container so he can take it for lunch the next day, free of the hassle of dishing it into a separate tupperware. I even bought him the kind of soup that you can stick in the microwave without having to find a clean, microwave safe bowl and he said it didn’t taste as good.

I fear the day when I’m going to have to tell Baylor that yes, her daddy is a weirdo. But something tells me that she’s probably going to figure this out on her own. What can I say? He was cute in high school (and still is!).

“Daddy did my hair…”

As most moms will tell you, leaving the kiddos with dad in charge can be a bit of a challenge. For me, it’s a breeze. PW took to fatherhood the second Baylie was born. In fact, he kind of had to – I couldn’t get out of the bed so he had to change all the icky first diapers and by the third one, he was a champ. He’s always been hands on and easy going with B and it’s never a problem to leave them home together.

Unless you expect a clean house when you return.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – no seriously. It’s actually comical to see what has transpired during my absence. Baylie is always fed and happy, same with PW so I can’t be upset. But the aftermath of “Baylie and Daddy time” is of epic proportions. Take for example a few weekends ago…

I was having lunch with some college friends on a Sunday. I left around 11am and Bay was down for a nap. I hadn’t changed her out of jammies yet because she had gone down early for her nap and was taking an extra looong one. I met the Phis and enjoyed catching up for a few hours. When I returned home around 2, I found this…

When I asked if some sort of bomb had gone off, Peter replied “we were building forts”. Gotcha. And the clothes? “to weigh down the blankets so they would stay up and we could crawl under”. Now, who can be mad at a dad building forts with their kiddo? Not me, but I did have to comment on the amount of chaos that had occurred in the short time I was gone. The kicker? I figured out when Bay woke up from her afternoon nap that she was still in her jammies AT 3 IN THE AFTERNOON. Also, they had ventured out to Chipoltle and yes, she was still in her jammies complete with berry stains from breakfast. Sigh, at least she had on clothes 🙂