Diaper Dilemma

For some reason, when Baylie gets diaper rash she REALLY gets diaper rash. It seems like the combination of a new tooth and the super chlorinated water she inevitably drinks at swim lessons makes for a lethal combination for her booty.

This past week was particularly bad. She was at the point of refusing to let me  use wipes – she would scream and squirm and it was obvious that her poor red booty was just too sore for the harsh wipes. That said, I was giving her a quick rinse twice a day in addition to her nightly bath. Then, I found California Baby Diaper Area Wash. I love this all natural brand any way so it was a no brainer for us to try it.  It uses Calendula and Aloe Vera to soothe and then cleanse the tender skin. It cools the burn and helps wash up saving us from 19 baths a day. It also really helped clear up the rash.

Target, Buy Buy Baby and Diapers.com all carry the California Baby line as well as Californiababy.com. I love their “relaxing  aroma therapy” scented line – it makes for pleasant bubble baths and a nice smelling kiddo – I think the fact that the bubble bath comes with a bubble wand is adorable.