Sleepless in Scottsdale

As if spring wasn’t already a busy time, we’ve just added a new, huge thing to do our to do list (no, it’s not a baby). More to come…it’s all good news, it’s just now our list seems to be never ending.

Because of this long list, my mind is constantly churning. Especially when it should be sleeping. I add to my list, get worried about worst case scenarios and I can’t turn it off. I took a Benadryl the other night to combat not only the pollen in the air, but to knock myself out. It did the trick, but it gave me crazy dreams. Like whoa, dreams. My subconscious conjured up one of my most hated dreams; the return to school. I dream that I’m back in school, usually high school, but as an adult. However, this time I dreamed I was back in grade school and I couldn’t test out of 4th grade because I suck at long division. I woke up when I was yelling at the teacher “I don’t need to be here! I already did all of this!!”. It’s not a fun feeling.

Years ago I came across a website called Petrix. It basically deciphers the images in your dreams. The animals, the colors, body parts, dates, objects, etc. It give very simple explanations for the items that always give meaning beyond the sometimes scary surface.

Peter said it all has a little too positive spin…but I think that’s the part that makes it better. It give some meaning to the crazy nightmares and helps me get back to sleep. Fluff or not, it works.

See for yourself:

Dare to Dream?

I had the most vivid and crazy dreams the other night. None of it made any sense, but at least they weren’t nightmares.

The bad part about them is they felt like work – I was dreaming about writing the blog and some funny idea that I had dreamt about. Yes dreamt about…in my dream I was dreaming. And the really weird part is that the in dream I was dreaming about, I was making a salad and how it was this brilliant recipe and the blog was going to be about how it came to me in a dream.

The interesting thing is that this blog was, in fact, a result of my dream. However, obviously the content is slightly different.

If only the work I do in my dreams was more productive….if I could sleep type or sleep mop, then I’d be on to something.