Easter 2016

As we drove to mass this morning, Baylor and Auggs each told us what Easter meant. They talked about how Jesus died because He loves us so much. How He opened the gates of Heaven and then how He rose from the dead. It was so sweet to hear them speak about our faith so perfectly.

After yet another amazing brunch at my mom’s, we headed over to her friend and neighbor’s house. Joyce offered up her yard for an egg hunt. It was like being in a secret garden!

IMG_9217IMG_9231IMG_9220IMG_9229IMG_9242IMG_9245IMG_9248IMG_9251 (2)Happy Easter!

Birthday Wishes

Today starts my last year as a twenty something. And I’m ok with it since 27 was my scary birthday. Not sure why, but it was.

I had a dream last night that I had a party and Lady Gaga came. But she was dressed normally so no one knew who she was and I introduced her as Stephanie instead of Lady Gaga which she appreciated. It was a great dream while dreaming it and hilarious when I woke up. Can’t ask for better birthday dreams.

Lilies from AJ’s are one of my favorite things. But they are most definitely not in the budget so they are strictly for special occasions. I went straight for the Stargazers and came across Concordia lilies. They are by far the BIGGEST FLOWERS I have every seen! I took this picture for the post:

But realized you can’t really tell the size of the flowers. I couldn’t figure out what to use to acurately show the size until Baylor wanted to smell them:

The kiddo is aproximately 36 inches tall!

The flower is only slightly closer to the camera than she is – these things are huge! and their scent matches their size. They are definitely a new favorite!


Valentine’s Flower Dilemma

I love flowers but I hate red roses on Valentine’s day. They seem so generic  and because everyone wants them, they’re crazy expensive too. So I have an alternative for anyone looking for a Valentine’s idea or really for any time a bouquet of flowers is necessary.

I bought 2 bunches of these over a week ago (10 days to be exact) from the grocery store. They’re called Alstroemeria and you’ve probably seen them as filler in a multi flower arrangement. Personally, I find them unattractive when used that way, but when you use only Alstroemeria, they’re stunning. And cheap. And they last forever! So next time you need a pretty centerpiece or a gift, grab two or three bunches of these beautiful flowers in either one color or more than one hue of the same color and enjoy!