Christmas Card Fun

Baylor brought me a catalog in October and pointed to a picture of an American Girl Doll wearing personalized Christmas jammies. She told me all about how we could all get jammies with our names on them and wear them at Christmas. The thought of Peter in personalized jammies was pretty amusing…but it did give me a good idea to get them for the kids and do our Christmas card picture in them. It would be great – two kids in cute pj’s and their adorable puppy. I would throw them all in the bed, get a picture of them being cute together and bam! I’d be done.

And it totally worked…the third time I tried. I mean like the the third time I dressed them both in their jammies, the dog was behaving and the lighting was right, it totally worked!

If didn’t charge to put a picture on the back of the cards (when ordering 85 Christmas cards, that extra picture adds up!), I would have included one of these gems. So if you do reiceve a card from us this year, just know that out of the 40+ pictures I took, most of them looked like this. There were really only 2 pictures we could choose from for the card.

“Auggie. Auggie!! Auggie, put down the rock and look. Look over here!!!”



IMG_5810 IMG_5815 IMG_5806


Baylor’s signature choke hold


“Don’t worry mommy, I’ll make them behave”


“What do you mean Shirley can’t be in this picture?”


Oh Heeeyyy Halloween

Listen, better late than never….

I don’t want to brag…but we ROCKED Trunk or Treat this year! Thanks to the D family for their refrigerator box, their awesome painting skills and creativity, we made two super cool haunted houses. Bonus? They are stored safely away for next year!

The princesses and a cheerleaderIMG_5758IMG_5760

The black lights really put it over the top!IMG_5764 IMG_5763Where’s the fire ma’am?


We also Fall Fesitivaled and had actual Halloween – I was all too happy to pack up the decorations on November first. But having a holiday hangover is the sign that you did a good job, right??

Auggie’s look of confusion is priceless.IMG_5776 IMG_5779

Someone did not appreciate their butterfly costume

IMG_5781 IMG_5783

B and I thought we were sooo cleaver making a crying baby pumpkin for Augg

IMG_5785The beauty of cardboard haunted houses – they’re portable!


Happy Valentine’s Day

Or as Baylor says “Balentimes” Day.

When you’re 3 1/2, nothing says love and Balentimes like barnyard animals. I sent her to school today with 22 handmade valentines – almost all of them containing pig, horse and cow stickers. I didn’t realize what she was doing until she was a few in and then I thought they were cute! Only she could get away with putting pigs on valentines.

photo 2

This is the one she made for me 🙂photo 5

Christmas Rerun

Everyone was in the mood to have their picture taken (well the little girls were for awhile…) on Christmas Eve so we got some great family shots that were so festive. Although it was yet another reminder that I need to use my gift certificate and learn to use my camera in low light…

Don’t laugh – but when I saw this picture I said to Peter “We have TWO kids! We are a family of FOUR!”. I don’t know why but seeing all of us in a picture made it seem more real than 3am feedings. Did I mention I don’t sleep?IMG_4655

Cousin Zoe, Titi and Uncle Mike

The BIG cousins (this is the point where the little girls and babies were not having it)


PW pointed out that each cousin tortures the next oldest – can you tell who precedes Baylor? Thankfully Quincy doesn’t seem to mind.


It’s too bad we don’t look anything alike…


Three generations. Again, too bad they don’t look alike.


Auntie Ali, Uncle Gary and Mason

After the Christmas Eve festivities, it was time to put out Santa’s snacks – reindeer food on the lawn and carrots on the plate, homemade cookies with milk and a carrot “squeezer” for Mrs. Clause.


Christmas morning came early – even for the kid who gets to nap at will and was the reason no one else slept…cousin Blaise was so awesome with Auggie – and it showed since Auggie was so happy to sit with him. No seriously, that’s a yawn.


I love these:

IMG_4702 IMG_4699 IMG_4717

Noni and the man.


Waiting for everyone to arrive to open presents got a little long…which apparently in three year old world means you convince your cousin to let you ride him like a horse. Also? Those are only about half the presents #firstworldproblems.


Mason was ready to get his rip and tear on.


Isn’t this cute? Nancy puts all their Christmas cards on the cabinets – adorable!


Holiday Hangover

Is anyone else exhausted? We had an amazingly fun and full holiday season that was all accomplished on 90 minute sips of sleep each night. Which I think is what has lead to me just needing a breath. And a nap. And an empty social calendar….and yet the social calendar is filled for January already!

~Bought a Christmas tree permit for Payson for the second year in a row and then went and bought one at a tree lot instead~

~Auggie turned two months old~


~Didn’t loose two three year olds or a 2 month old at the Train Park for Christmas lights with the DeHavens~

train park

~Survived the preschool Christmas party that Peter described at the 7th ring of hell~

~Enjoyed Zoo Lights as a family of four~

girls bwpw

~Saw all of my cousins at the Schumann annual get together~

~Threw a holiday brunch for work friends~

~Watched Baylor sing “If it’s Christmas and You Know It, Ring Your Bells!” in the Christmas program at school~


~Watched Charlie Brown Christmas soooo many times~

Mother’s Day Love

We had such a nice Mother’s Day weekend! It kicked off with a celebration at Baylor’s school where her whole class sang and presented us with presents. They made plates (the melamine kind that they draw on and then cook), flowers in hand painted pots and a beautiful poem with her little hand print. It was stinking adorable. Any attendee would have been hard pressed not to smile at the level of cuteness going on.

My little gardener.

Guess who gets to eat off the plate the most? Thanks for the pictures Grandma!

We spent Saturday organizing the garage which is always a challenge, but makes me so happy not to trip over crap AND when I can get a roll of paper towels without unpacking an entire shelf.

Finally we enjoyed Sunday brunch with Grandma and Grandpa where they showered us with gifts – me, Bay and the baby too! My favorite part though is the card. PW said that Bay screamed “WE HAVE TO GET THE ONE WITH THE PUPPY FOR MOMMY!!!” so loud that people two aisle over were laughing. It cracks me up – exactly what an almost 3 year old would pick out. The gnome stickers are the perfect touch!

Christmas Recap

Christmas is always a whirlwind of family parties, church, food and wrapping paper and this year was no different. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family – we were missing a few members this year to their in-laws, but we managed to adjust tradition and make it a beautiful holiday.

We kept with the tradition of the family sneaking all their gifts to one house so that the kids awake/arrive to a sea of presents. This year we hosted gift opening and it was a blast. PW and I both went to Bay’s room when she woke up and the first question out of her mouth was “did Santa come?”. We told her yes and that he had eaten his cookies and milk and that the reindeer loved their carrots. Her response? “did he put his dishes in the sink?”. Clearly she is my child.

She got to open one gift first thing – her new backhoe scooter – complete with a tool kit. What? Not everything has to be pink and pretty! She loved that she would have something that she could get around on quickly (she hasn’t quite mastered her trike yet) when she plays with Britain down the street.

She beeps when she backs up

“rip and tear!!”

Once she was done opening her presents, she asked for a “time out” in her crib. Which I think was a nice way of saying “overloaded”

“Boots like Morgan!!!”

We switched up our usual schedule a bit which left Christmas day afternoon open – which meant plenty of mimosas at brunch and a nice long nap for the whole family. The best part was that we had several friends stop by. Normally getting together with friends means much planning and coordinating of calendars, but the shared day off by all meant lots of very welcome impromptu visitors. We got to catch up with a great friend and best man from our wedding, Ryan and by Baylor’s Godfather Joe and his fiance Brandy. There was also a convoy of new bikes, scooters and cars with the neighborhood kids while the parents sat on the patio and sipped champagne. It was a perfect holiday.

After Bay had gone to bed last night, PW and I enjoyed our gift from my parents, a 2007 bottle of Cakebread Cabernet (we typically by wine base on the fact it’s under $15, not so much on the year). We were snuggled on the couch when PW looked over at the coffee table full of new Legos and said:

“Your Lego tower is pretty wonky”.

“It’s a tree” I replied.

“Wow. That’s a pretty crappy tree.”

“Listen, I don’t work at Lego Land, ass. Use your imagination!”




Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!! 

Thank you all for reading The Goon Room,  for all your comments and words of advice. I’m grateful for all of them! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, memories and much happiness.

Hand print Santa by Baylor Wand

I love looking at all our friend’s smiling faces!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without torturing Bear with some antlers.

Baylor’s Christmas list:

1. Boots like Morgan (her best buddy has a rad pair of green galoshes)

2. Presents.

Well said little lady!

Baylorisms – Part 3 – The Christmas version

Christmas has brought a lot of new words to Bay’s vocabulary and not all of them are easy to understand. The Grinch, for example. I asked her to repeat herself 16 times before I sent her to PW for interpretation.

Silly Lu Lu – Cindy Loo Hoo.

Zinsh – The Grinch. This one is hard to write because it’s really more of a sound than a word and leads me to ask “show me what you’re talking about”.

There’s me! – her greeting when she walks into a room.

Sarah – Dora the Explorer. She doesn’t watch Dora but for some reason thinks her name is Sarah. Her swim diapers have Dora on them and when I put them on she says “Hey Sarah!!”.

The Teddy Bear – Winnie the Pooh. We’re going to see the Winnie the Pooh Christmas play today so I’m guessing she’ll know his name after that.

Krishness – Christmas!


Preschool Play

Baylor had her first Christmas play last week and to say it was adorable is an understatement. I have been hearing bits and pieces of Christmas songs like Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Angel  and Are You Sleeping? for weeks so I was excited to actually hear the songs in their entirety.

Room 1 was lead in by their fearless (I think that’s actually part of her job description) leader, Teacher Jackie. They sang three songs with no tears and only a few wiggles. If there was a picture of Peter, me, my mom and his mom, we would have all looked like giggling idiots – my face hurt from smiling.

Ready to belt it out

Finally spotted Mom, Dad, Grandma and Noni

Hand motions for the “like an angel in the sky” part

Proud of their performance

I love this – they hold hands when they walk somewhere – B and her buddy Morgan know the drill