Loving Luca + Dani

I tend to go through jewelry phases. I like one particular style and I wear it forever until I find the next thing that catches my eye.

The favorite for awhile has been a simple gold necklace – currently an evil eye, previously my initials – and bangle bracelets. Good old Facebook kept flashing advertisements for Luca+Danni bracelets and I finally gave in and clicked. They carry several religious medals and I’m obsessed!

I love that the baubles are tied into the wire of the bracelet – no spinning! Your charm is always visible on the top of your wrist. They stack great too.

I am currently rocking Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Joan of Arc. Because I need as much grace as possible and a little reminder to be unstoppable is good too.

I think this little blue bauble is next on my list….


Terrific Tangerine

Yesterday afternoon, B and I ventured out to a new farmer’s market with cousin Zoe and Christane. It was a great little set up with just a few booths selling local produce (at awesome prices) and a lot of vendors with jewelry, honey, hair clips, baby clothes, all kinds of thing I don’t need and yet feel the need to purchase.

One of the jewelry makers is a company called Tangerine Jewelry Shop. Even from far away the stuff was gorgeous. When I got up close, I was shocked to see how reasonably priced everything was. Some of the jewelry has real stones, which makes them a little pricier. But a lot of the stones were really colored and cut glass making for a lovely alternative for the financially challenged.

I picked up this little bauble for $30!

I’m seeing Christmas 2012 for all the ladies in the family coming together….! Check out what they have to offer on either their website, Etsy shop or at a farmer’s market. I will say, they have tons more a the markets than they do online so find out where they are going to be and bring your wallet, but don’t worry, it will still be full when you’re done.



Happy Momma Day!

I have been trying to teach Baylor to say “happy mother’s day” but since she refuses to slow down long enough to say a full sentence other than “let’s go!” or “come on!” (so weird since her parents aren’t like this AT ALL) the best I could get out of her was “app-y momma day!” and that took like 5 whole minutes and lots of coaching so we’re good with it.

I received my very first child made gift this year. A beautiful bracelet! Baylor picked out all the beads and the sequence of the beads and Grandma strung them together for her. Bay did insist on wearing it most of the morning, but I was able to locate it from under the couch cushions during nap time to snap a picture.

My beautiful new jewelry

Momma and her jewelry designer

Baylor’s assistant, Grandma and Daddy – and Bear

We did miss my mom this year – she is freezing in Montana already for the summer. But we did get to have a very giggly phone call and Bay got to talk to Noni in “Ontana”. I got an incredibly sweet card from my friend Kristin that brought happy tears to my eyes and a great new pair of running shoes from PW. We had a delicious brunch with Peter’s parents, a little shopping, a little swimming and lots of champagne – all in all? A great weekend. So happy belated Momma’s Day to all the moms!