Jake Early Art

During a rare weekday breakfast date at Orange Table, PW and I spotted a picture of Camelback Mountain hanging on the wall. I realized it was the same artist that had just had an installation in the Belle Tower. A quick email to the artist later, we were arranging when he could drop off the print to us.

Much to my and the artist’s surprise – we knew each other! Auggie and his twin boys have been swimming together for the last few months. Phoenix is still a small town after all.

After looking at our beautiful new picture for a few days, we decided that we couldn’t pass up the other two prints of Papago Mountain and of Piestewa (Squaw) Peak. Jake is working on a print of South Mountain and we’ll add that to the set later this summer. I love that we’re going to have the #2 prints of each of these limited editions. Our art collection may be small, but it’s beginning to build with some really amazing pieces – almost all by local artists we have met!

Check out (and pick up!) Jake’s work at www.jakeearlyart.com

Here’s a look at our new pieces:

 photo 1 (45) photo 2 (51) photo 3 (37)

Original Art

One of our favorite restaurants, Orange Table, constantly features local artists work. Most of the time we love what is on display, but it’s out of our price range or we can’t figure out where it would hang. But this past month, we found the perfect combination of great art, great price and a location desperate for something great.

The artist for August was John Arvizu from Trapdoor Studio. He featured several screen prints that almost had a pop art feel to them. I love this look, but this is not the style of our house and I was afraid they would look strange…but Peter’s office is totally devoid of actual art (except for the awesome oil painting of the Georgetown Law archway I had done as a graduation gift – awesome, yet lacking in funkiness). PW agreed that the cowboy print was perfect for his office.


When contacting John about picking up the print, I asked him about another picture on his website. He told me that it was already sold, but that he would talk to the owner to see if they would be willing to switch for a similar print. Thankfully they were willing to trade so Ralphie the Buffalo came home too:


John has a great video on his website that shows the process that each print goes through from drawing the stencil, cutting it  and then creating layers and layers of color, dimension and interest swipe by swipe of the screen. Be sure to check out the store section of his website – his prices are great for a one of a kind piece!