Even It Up

It’s official. Come October the girl to guy score at our house will be all evened up – or advantage boys if you count Mr. Bear – it’s confirmed that #2 is a mister. Stubborn in his unwillingness to uncurl or roll over, yet obvious that he was a he. I’m excited to get the room plans rolling and update my Pinterest board with boy / girl room ideas and scratch all the girl / girl stuff. While putting Baylor down today, I had another epiphany of layout, decor, etc. Get ready for a fun weekend of measuring and listening to me spout off ideas PW!

Scottsdale Moms Blog

Today I am so excited to share with all of you an article I wrote for Scottsdale Moms Blog!

I met Joy (a co-creator of the site) a few weeks ago and noticed her email address was @scottsdalemomsblog. I asked her what the site was and if they took contributing writers. Several conversations, ideas and weeks later, my first article on nursery decorating is up! I’m hoping to write more kid related Do It Yourself articles for them too. Don’t worry, you can get your fill of snarky mommy stories in The Goon Room like always – this will just be for my creative, less sarcastic side!

If you are a local mom, be sure to subscribe to Scottsdale Moms Blog and also like them on FaceBook. They have amazing playdates, great giveaways and insightful articles, all new and fresh every day. Enjoy!