Light It Up

This week marked our second time to Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo – it also officially made it a tradition for us . PW and I couldn’t believe how much better it was than last year and we loved it last year! There were even more lights, more displays and a new light show that was fantastic. And thankfully Jengo, the talking giraffe was back… among millions of lights, the animatronic giraffe is Baylor’s favorite.

I’ve yet to master the night time shot with my good camera – not to mention I was loaded up like a pack mule with Auggie in the baby Bjorn and a bag with all the family’s, ahem, crap (sweatshirts, hats, bottles, diapers, snacks, gas drops…). However the Iphone camera didn’t disappoint. I was a little jealous of the photogs with their tripods and obvious knowledge of adjusting the exposure on their cameras…

There must be 50+ trees like this all lit up in different colors. The one at the entrance must be 200 feet tall and electric blue – it’s amazing. This one was our favorite. It looked like it was wrapped in candy.



PW and his girl


The pack mule and the kids


Jengo! There is a guy hiding behind the screen and he answers questions and talks to the kids – watching them freak out over the giraffe talking to them is priceless. Baylor is still singing “Jengo bells! Jengo bells!”.


The lake has a huge sphere in the middle that changes color, spells out words, turns to flames, etc. Then the trees and some pillars in the lake all change color and “dance” to the rhythm of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It was pretty amazing.




If you go, buy your tickets ON LINE AND PRINT THEM OUT.  There is always a massive line of people waiting to buy and we always stroll right by. At least we think that’s what they are doing. There’s a possibility we’ve jumped the line every year…There were also carriage rides that took you to a roped off section of the zoo – it was too much time for us, but if you try it and it’s worth it, let me know so we can factor it in for next year!

Mini Horse Hands

A few months ago I got a flyer from the Zoo about their equestrian programs. They have a class called Mini Horse Hands and it’s designed for 3-5 year olds. The stables at the zoo are really nice and the price was right so Peter and Bay ventured to the zoo every Saturday morning in July to the class.

The good news is that she LOVED IT. She was an amazing listener, brave and had a great time. The bad news is that most of the kids (and their parents oddly) were terrified of horses (please let me know if you understand why someone would sign their kids up for horse class if the kids and they are terrified of horses – because I cannot for the life of me figure out why). So there was a lot of standing around waiting for the other kiddos to warm up to take their turn. Needless to say, we won’t be signing up for another round of classes, but we will definitely be looking for a stable for her to take some more lessons!

Grooming “Rolly” Neapolitan

Feeding Midnight

Ready to ride!

Ridding Penny