Rock n’ Roll 2019

This year we joined the Baumers again for the annual Rock n’ Roll Marathon and like usual, it did not disappoint!

What used to be an annoying part of a weekend where the roads are shut down and you can’t get where you want to go, has now become a day long party that started at 6am this year. Why 6? Well because many months ago, we decided that we needed some friends to run in the marathon so we had someone to cheer on. The only issue is that only the full marathon course goes by the Baumer’s house, not the half course. And all of our running buddies were not up for committing to the full marathon.

So what else to do than create our own course.

And thus was born the “Tour de Baumers – Almost A-Hole Half Marathon” (yes we made our own shirts – thanks to PW). Which is exactly 11.8 miles into the full marathon course. PW and several buddies ran the Tour de Baumer,  the women decided that they couldn’t stop at 11.8 miles and so they waved as they ran on to the 13 mile marker, then doubled back for come celebrating.

Cutest unofficial water station evah.


Look at him just two years ago


Two years ago, we jokingly offered a beer to a runner. Who promptly drank the whole thing. Now the men hand out beer in cups – this guy was the first one of the day to come over to chug a full beer. img-0843

Crossing the finish line! We had medals too.


You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning….


Rockin’ and Rollin’ 2016

When you live near the Rock and Roll Marathon route, you can either try to get around the marathon, run it, or find away to enjoy it! We chose the last option and joined our friends, the B Family, for their annual water station. They are literally on the route so they are blocked in – which is a great excuse to hand out water and turn it into a party.

We rode our bikes over to their house and realized that this was a well oiled machine. Tables with cups and a system for filling and then refilling the water jugs was in place. Not to mention a great spread of breakfast and bloody marys for the volunteers. It wasn’t long until the first few runners came by, then the big waves came. It was so neat seeing the various kinds of runners – everyone was working hard. The sweetest thing was that so many runners not only slowed down, but some stopped to take the water from the kids and thank them for being there to cheer and hydrate. It was so cute to see the excitement on the kids faces.

Cutest helpers ever


The waiting


Someone has to drink the champs and bloodies



Working hard!


Towards the end, the kids handed out little candies too. It was a very sought after position


Congratulations to everyone that ran! And thank you to all the runners who took time to say thank you, you made a lot of little kids very happy!

Rain Rain Come Again – Soon!

All last week there was much talk of a big storm that was coming…but much like Jimmy, I never really believe what the weather girl is saying. Especially around here – each time rain is predicted, it keeps getting moved to the next day, and the next day, and the next day until it disappears all together. Baylor spent all day Saturday saying “it’s raining!! Yeah!!! Oh wait, just kidding”. I think the kid has seen more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse than rainy days. Now that I type that, I know it’s a fact.

Well Weather Girl didn’t disappoint this time. The rain came in huge down pours with hail and lots of wind. It was, in a word, awesome. I can’t remember the last time it rained…October? November? Either way it was way over due and thankfully it made up for being gone for so long.

The only down side is we, once again, have a leak in the garage. We get to start the whole story of flat roof + leaves + down pour = water build up under flashing and water on my car that is indoors. Arg. But after getting a little (a lot) ticked off, I became very grateful that it was the garage and there was only minor damage rather than in our house and or with major damage. See? The rain makes me happy AND an optimist!

Give a Little – Or a Lot

When Baylor was a baby, I sat crying while watching  a story on the news about families in need. They described a mom asking for help when she did not have enough formula left to feed her starving 3 month old.

I couldn’t help but think about Baylor. When she needed a bottle in the middle of the night, I was annoyed having to get out of my warm bed and make a bottle. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head – what if I didn’t have formula? And what if I didn’t have the money to buy more? What if my sweet little girl was hungry and I knew there was nothing I could give her to fill her belly. It crushed me.

This is one of the reasons I love The Crisis Nursery. It is an amazing organization that provides relief to families that are stuck in the middle – families that have more income that what qualifies them for aid, but too little to really survive. And to families who are victims of violence.  They provide food, a warm bed, toys, counseling and other aid for parents, kids and families.

It’s important all year to give to amazing organizations like this – but it’s especially important around the holidays so that these special kiddos get the Christmas they deserve. When you look at their wish list, they need baby wipes before they need toys. Socks and underwear. Shoes and soap. That’s where the donations go first so they need extra to be able to give toys and gifts to the kids as well.

If you have some extra – or even if you don’t – consider giving to a great charity this season to make someone’s Christmas brighter. Monetary donations or of items are great ways to help – I think it’s never too young to start. Bay and I did a clean out of her toys and we talked about how we were going to give them to kids who really needed them. At first, she was hesitant to let go. But after a few minutes she was lovingly kissing a few toys good-bye and placing them in a bag saying “you’re going to someone who really needs you!”.

We are all so fortunate to have what we have so lets spread it around.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Crisis Nursery:

Circle the City:

Pets on Wheels: