The Big Reveal

It’s finally done! Bay’s room has successfully been transformed into a his and her room – now we just need the baby to go in the crib and we’re set! Check out the pictures on Scottsdale Moms Blog today along with all the other hilarious posts from Pregnancy Week.

And a HUGE thank you to Ashley Hall for all her help with the cut outs for the mobile. Mr. Man will have something fun to look at thanks to you!!


Even It Up

It’s official. Come October the girl to guy score at our house will be all evened up – or advantage boys if you count Mr. Bear – it’s confirmed that #2 is a mister. Stubborn in his unwillingness to uncurl or roll over, yet obvious that he was a he. I’m excited to get the room plans rolling and update my Pinterest board with boy / girl room ideas and scratch all the girl / girl stuff. While putting Baylor down today, I had another epiphany of layout, decor, etc. Get ready for a fun weekend of measuring and listening to me spout off ideas PW!