Terrific Tangerine

Yesterday afternoon, B and I ventured out to a new farmer’s market with cousin Zoe and Christane. It was a great little set up with just a few booths selling local produce (at awesome prices) and a lot of vendors with jewelry, honey, hair clips, baby clothes, all kinds of thing I don’t need and yet feel the need to purchase.

One of the jewelry makers is a company called Tangerine Jewelry Shop. Even from far away the stuff was gorgeous. When I got up close, I was shocked to see how reasonably priced everything was. Some of the jewelry has real stones, which makes them a little pricier. But a lot of the stones were really colored and cut glass making for a lovely alternative for the financially challenged.

I picked up this little bauble for $30!

I’m seeing Christmas 2012 for all the ladies in the family coming together….! Check out what they have to offer on either their website, Etsy shop or at a farmer’s market. I will say, they have tons more a the markets than they do online so find out where they are going to be and bring your wallet, but don’t worry, it will still be full when you’re done.



It’s All in the Jeans

Somewhere between gaining baby weight, maternity jeans and post pregnancy jeans, my favorite pre pregnancy jeans have become woefully out of style. I wore them for the Scottsdale Moms Blog photo shoot and when I saw the proofs, I was sad to see that my old stand by pair were now a little too baggy. What were once the perfect cut, look almost like the oh-so-hip carpenter jeans I was so fond of in 8th grade.

In my defense, it’s not for lack of trying. Somewhere in my denim transitional phase over the last 3 years, JCrew had changed the cut of their jeans. I bought several pairs (I have to order online because apparently no one with an inseam over 32 inches shops in the stores) and each one was either just a little too tight or just a little too big. And for $130, I’m not paying to have the damn things altered. Plus altered jeans never come out right anyway. So I ventured out to other styles and other brands. And nothing. Nada. Nothing was quite right. It was the right fit, but the wrong wash. Right wash and wrong fit. Wrong wash and wrong fit. ARG.

In addition to finding a new go to pair, I also needed (read wanted) a pair that I could wear tucked into boots – meaning jeans that would STAY tucked into boots after many rounds of stand up, sit down, pick up kiddo, squat down and pick up dropped toy, etc. Which is a struggle all in itself. Oh, and in case anyone hasn’t noticed, I’m not 16 and wearing anything too skinny or low cut or faded just makes me look sad in a I’m-too-old-to-wear-this-but-I-think-I-can-so-I-did kind of way.

I went to an unlikely source for some new dries, Victoria’s Secret. I ordered the Siren and the Pencil fit in several sizes since you never really know what will fit. But if you use Retail Me Not and find a few coupons, the shipping is free so it makes it a little more cost efficient.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised!  The Siren jeans are jeggings – they are a little too tight to wear by themselves, but they are great with boots. They stay tucked in and wear the entire day. I have to say, I even caught a nap in them this weekend…which made me think of Pajama Jeans. The Pencil cut are very cute, but they do stretch a little after a whole day. But for $60ish bucks, I don’t mind having them taken in a little – I’ll even take my chances of them coming out right..

Also, I like to think that these fit so well because I’m built like a Victoria’s Secret model. True or not, it’s a happy day dream.

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