Baylorisms – Part 4

Nishan – The Phonenician Resort where Aunt Ali works and where we sneak into the playground. Ssshhh….

Q-she Grge – Curious George

Q-she Grge. Good Monkey. Always very q-she – Curious George was a good little monkey and always very curious

Barilla – Gorilla

How your baby going? – What she asks Ali while she pats Ali’s belly. We think a combination of how are you doing and what’s going on.

What ARF you do in? – Not sure why she says arf, but it makes me laugh every time

Miska! Mooseka! Mickey Mouse! – the magic words for Mickey Mouse Club House

What his mommy’s name? – In Bay’s world, there is a mommy, a daddy and a kiddo – in reality it’s a husband, wife and sometimes a kiddo. So when she asks what someone’s mommy or daddy’s name is, she really means spouse. And trying to explain boyfriend and girlfriend is just a lost cause.