Happy Anniversary

Today PW and I are celebrating 9 years of marriage (15 years together!).

There’s been a few for worse times. A life time of for better times. Some sickness, lots of health. Thankfully more richer than poorer.

Four road trips from DC to Phoenix and back. One house full house remodel. A job change. Two kids and countless other memories that have made us who we are today.

We are so lucky. So blessed. We are the lucky ones that meet when we were 17 and are still very much in love 15 years later. It’s a different love. When you’re newly weds, your love is based on hopes and dreams for the future. After 9 years, our love is rooted in the experiences we’ve had. In surviving the bad times. In enjoying the good times. In learning how to be supportive and to allow yourself to be supported.

When we got married, my mom gave us a budget. Whatever we didn’t spend, we got to keep. It was up to us how we spent it- we could elope and keep it all, we could use it as a down payment on a big wedding. Peter was a first year law student racking up loans and I was working retail. So we decided to split the middle. We had lots of appetizers, good booze and a great DJ and then bought a couch with the remainder. One of our friends worked for a wine company and had several cases of champagne “fell off” the truck and into the bar of our reception. It was cheap stuff but the fact that it was free made it taste like Crystal.

I love you to the moon and back PW. Here’s to 99 more years together and  to always remembering how good the cheap stuff tastes!

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One Pretty Place

My friend Kristin is one of the most talented people I know. She can make anything pretty. And not only pretty, but cohesive, organized and functional. Her wedding? Spectacular. In fact, I wrote about it almost exactly one year ago!

Now Kristin has started a new blog called One Pretty Place (www.oneprettyplace.com). It is a collection of all things wedding and particularly for Southwest Weddings. It will also someday be a place that will promote her design studio on Etsy.

So if you are getting married, like weddings or just want to read about something…well, pretty! Check out and subscribe to One Pretty Place and get ready to be wowed by beautiful things within your budget and DIY skills!

I Do! I Mean, They Did!

Gorgeous, right?

I had the distinct honor of attending my good friend and Alpha Phi sister and her lovely fiance’s wedding this past weekend. Kristin and Jack tied the knot (literally – I’ll get to that) this past weekend in Prescott. To say this wedding was typical couldn’t be further from the truth. While it appeared to be a traditional event, there were too many amazing details that made it nothing short of fantastic.

To start, Kristin anticipated every guests needs. There was a shuttle to take you from the hotel to the ceremony. Got a heavy gift? The gift table was 1 step away from where the bus stopped. Chilly? An array of pashminas (spelling?) in deep purple, copper and cream, the colors of the wedding. Shoes killing your feet? Yup, there were copper sparkly flip flops so you could kick off your heels and keep dancing. Thirsty? I literally almost knocked over a guy with an entire tray full of wine selections. Not sure what kind of cake you’re in the mood for? Don’t worry, there were at least 4 different and delicious varieties to choose from.

While all of these things alone would make any event special, it was the usual things that Kristin and Jack made perfect. Most couples when getting married at sunset would have the guests face the sunset. But these two had the guests face away so you could watch the landscaping change from tan to warm pinks and oranges, thus providing an amazing back drop for the beautiful bride and groom. And the knot tying business; Jack’s sweet sister, Stormy, was the officiate of their wedding. Part of the ceremony including taking several silk ribbons and tying J and K’s hands together. There are several theories on where the term comes from, but many believe this old Christian ritual is the origin. Not to mention adorable and very pretty! The couple also held a stone from a mountain they visited in Switzerland, thus setting their vows in stone. The guests were all given a bell tied with ribbons to shake and the couple was pronounce husband and wife – you can see them in the picture above. It is so far, Baylie’s favorite toy this week.

The best part, in my opinion, was that Jack and Kristin did a lot of their pictures prior to the ceremony. And also because it was a smaller wedding, we got to see them! They were at cocktail hour, dinner and dancing – not being whisked away for pictures. It was so nice to get to tell them how beautiful it all was and dance the night away, rather than wondering when they would join everyone.

Due to the excessive amount of wine and dancing, Tyler husband of Megan, left his coat at the table. When we retrieved it to take with us on the bus back to the hotel, we realized he left his glasses in the pocket. And thus, a sunglasses montage ended what was a truly memorable evening.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Thomson!