What a Weirdo

There are somethings you just can’t learn about yourself until you’re married. Having a roommate doesn’t count, they aren’t going to really notice how weird you are – or if they do, they don’t want to say it for fear you move out and stick them with the lease. But a spouse is going to give it to you straight; some of the crap you do is strange.

I first realized this about a year after we were married. We were remodeling our house in the middle of summer with no air conditioning and it was brutal. We had just finished a day of painting, trim work, etc and were headed back to our temporary home. It was there Peter decided to watch some ridiculous western on the living room tv so I headed to the bedroom to catch a nap. He saw me take a quilt from the living room with me. When he asked why, I stated that I was going to take a nap and needed a quilt. Peter then pointed out that I was going to the bedroom where there were obviously blankets galore. I then had to explain one of the things that makes me a little off-center – I don’t think you can take a nap under the bed covers. If you do, it’s not a nap, you’ve gone back to bed. In order to nap in the bed, one must sleep on top of the comforter and use a separate blanket. At worst, you can sleep under the comforter, but not under the sheets. I think naps are best under a quilt anyway 🙂

I also have a slight obsession with post-its. I cannot remember anything so I always have a perpetual lists running: grocery, Lowes, the mall and a general to do list. On top of that, I have post-its for the things I need to do immediately. I think it looks messy when you keep crossing things off  your list, so I make post-its for each task and then can throw them away when complete. I currently have 7 of them on my desk of blog ideas, 6 of things to get done and phone calls to make today, (oxford comma for you PW) and 2 for the grocery store which I will combine into one that Baylie will attempt to and probably succeed in eating by the end of the shopping trip today.

The last of the odd rules that I’m willing to admit is shoes on the coffee table. I don’t mind feet on the coffee table, but don’t put your shoes up there. Your feet are bad enough, but your shoes go horrible places so why would you put that on the table that you put food on? Same goes for shoes on any surface – Peter will often put a pair of shoes on the counter in an attempt to keep them out of Baylie’s mouth – I’m fine with them on the little table inside the front door, but not on the bathroom counter or the kitchen counter.

On a side note, I also hate Oxford commas. Made famous by the band Vampire Weekend and pointed out to me by my lovely lawyer husband in my writing (or lack there of), the Oxford comma is what all Catholic school educated people will tell you is wrong. It’s best explained in an example:

“I love Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

“I hate Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.” – this is the Oxford comma, it’s between the second to last item in the list and the “and”.

It is also stupid. Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “What a Weirdo

  1. Michelle says:

    We are like long lost sisters… I too have the to do list for everything and will never get under the covers to take a nap. I just got some pads of paper though that have a neat little box for me to check off. Much neater than crossing out. Finally, I too must sleep on top when napping becuase the bed gets messy and it requires more work to make it back up after my nap. You crack me up!

  2. Amanda says:

    I was a big napper in college and had the perfect throw that I also used on top of the comforter! We are all the same! If I got under the covers I would fall asleep and wake up the next day.

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