Fly the Annoying Skies

I always find it amazing what people find appropriate behavior on a plane. We were just in Montana visiting the fam and I was very anxious about Baylie’s first flight. B is a pretty easy-going kiddo; not much upsets her. But I was worried she would be that kid who just screams the entire time. I packed juice, milk, bottles, snacks, toys, books, her blanket, a favorite stuffed animal, a sweatshirt, the portable DVD player and lots of Baby Einstein (God bless Baby Einstein!) and if all else failed, my keys and cell phone for her entertainment and comfort. It was a ridiculous amount of items. But it paid off – after playing with the cell phone and various other toys, drinking a bottle at take off, and then watching part of a DVD, she passed out until we landed two hours later. Amazing!

In my efforts to keep her happy, I neglected to pack enough entertainment for me. When I used to travel to DC for work, I had an insane fear of running out of reading material (I once played solitaire on my Ipod for 2 hours after finishing my book and magazines  – my eyes wouldn’t focus for hours after) so I usually travel with two books plus magazines and an Ipod. However, there is a limit to what two people can carry – a baby (yes, I did contemplate having her wear a backpack), two carry on bags, a jogger and a car seat is PLENTY.

After finishing People magazine, I was out of things to do. The kiddo was happily sleeping and I was ready to sleep too (we started out at 2am, woo! I’ll sleep when I’m dead!) but couldn’t because of the constant sound of someone shuffling cards. Why on earth does anyone think that it is ok to participate in such a loud and annoying activity in a confined public space?! Sure, sure, play cards. But don’t freaking shuffle them for 10 minutes in between hands!

I started looking around checking out fellow passengers to pass the time. I noticed 2 other people just sitting there –  no magazine, no book, no bag, no ipod, no annoying cards, no nothing. Not trying to fall asleep, just staring straight ahead. Terrorist? My normal paranoia would lead me to believe so, however, who wants to blow up a regional jet headed to Billings Montana? My guess is no one. So my question is this: what kind of weirdo gets on a plane for 2+ hours and doesn’t bring something to do?! I at least had one magazine that I could go back and like reread or something, so don’t go saying “but you didn’t have anything to do on the plane”.  But to bring absolutely nothing?! Weirdo.

The return flight was uneventful as far as the kiddo goes – but the people were just as strange. Stay tuned for part 2 of the Annoying Skies where we discuss the people that line up long before their row number is called and block the way to the gate, the flight attendant who argued that Baylie couldn’t sit in her car seat in her own (PAID FOR) seat because it wasn’t safe (yeah, I was confused to), and the dumbass who gets up before the seatbelt sign is off to use the bathroom and then argues with the flight attendant (all together now: TERRORIST!).

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