The Many Uses of Sunscreen

Ok, I know this is totally random, but it made me very happy (and my lips too) so I thought I would share.

While in San Diego this past week, I realized my SPF 15 lip gloss and or chapstick were not cutting it for the several hours we were outdoors each day. And as someone who is prone to cold sores from too much sun, I was concerned. We made a stop at a local surf shop and while buying other goodies, I asked the doodlebop behind the counter if they had anything stronger. His response? “noooo dude, we don’t. But, you could, like, totally uuuusse one of the sunscreen ssttiiiicks on your lips instead of, like on your whole face, man”. 20 minutes later when he was finally finished with this sentence, I kindly thanked the “dude” for all his “like, advice” and headed for the hotel.

I realized I had packed a sunscreen stick for Baylie and thought I would try it while we were still in the hotel and could wipe it off, rinse and repeat before leaving incase it left a funky sunscreeny taste. It turns out the duuude totally knew what he was talking about! Not only does it not have a funky taste, it’s waterproof, SPF 55 and it moisturizes as well as chapstick. I now carry a stick with me for my use and Bay’s – so nice to have one less thing in my bag rather than one more thing. Oh, and it works great on your part too so your scalp doesn’t get burned – no greasy hair! Not to mention the benefits of being able to get sunscreen UNDER the kiddos eyes (yes, they do get sunburned because they don’t wear sunglasses. I am an idiot) without getting it in their eyes.

So as the weather finally begins to cool and we start to pull out the beach cruisers for a ride to The Vig, a hike up Camelback and get your drink on at a football game, remember to pack your handy sunscreen stick!

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