Dear Mother Nature…

Dear Mother Nature,

I find it adorable that you decided to make it finally feel like fall THIS week. I’m sure you remember Thanksgiving ’08 where you thought it would be cute to make it cold and rainy. I can fit 20+ people into our house for dinner, but it’s not pretty. You know what is pretty? Our backyard. Which is where I intend to feed 18 people a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Now, MN, you know most of us are natives or have lived in AZ so long, we’re considered natives. We can deal with 110, but 60…60 is just too cold. My mom can’t eat dinner with gloves on.

So let’s make a deal: you make it 70+ for Thanksgiving and you can do whatever you want for the rest of the year. Sound good?



4 thoughts on “Dear Mother Nature…

  1. Christiane says:

    It is -19 degrees F outside right now. It has snowed for four days straight. Next year, I’m heading south early because 60 degrees F sounds like a little slice of heaven. So plan on two more for next year!

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