A Little Too Ambitious

After a long, but fun weekend with family and friends, we decided that we needed to take down a few Christmas decorations. The two “live” wreaths are very dead, the red roses are done too and a few other things needed to go. So we started absent-mindedly removing a few things with the goal of taking it all down next weekend over New Years. As we both separately worked on our projects we would say “I’m going to do the manger too” or “I think I’ll take off the ornaments and we’ll do the tree next weekend….”.

Before we knew it, it was all down. It was packed and the boxes were awaiting transport back to the storage unit. Christmas was done.

Normally, I am elated when all the clutter and mess is gone. I love it through Christmas, but shortly after, I start feeling itchy at all the extra stuff in our house and get the very strong urge to get it out. But this year, I am struck with the fact that I miss the tree. I want the warm glow of it back…but I know by mid-week I will be deep into cleaning out closets, the garage and kitchen cabinets, behind all the furniture and the ceiling fans. And by next weekend, I’ll be ready to welcome winter / spring and will be into planting bulbs and a delicious new garden.

But for now, I miss the tree.

BTW – these are only the “pretty” ornaments. I didn’t get a pic of it fully decorated…sniff…

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