Things I am Ungrateful For

1. No toddler cough syrup. It amazes me that the medical world can transplant organs, cure horrible diseases, etc. And yet they can’t come up with a cough medicine for a sick 20 month old. I say we lock some scientist up with a few sick toddlers for a few days and see what they come up with. My guess would be some kick ass cough syrup.

2. Benadryl. It doesn’t  help Baylie sleep because she hates the taste and spits most of it out.

3. Rude people. People that are in line at CVS at 1pm on a Wednesday buying beer and don’t let the mom with a sick and sleeping kiddo slung over her shoulder with her enormous purse on the other arm, pedialyte pops and tylenol in her hand go in front of them. I know that was an awkward and run on sentence and no, I don’t care.

4. Mother Nature. I get that it’s winter and all, but the extreme wind that keeps blowing the blankets, towels, frost cloth, sheets, etc. off of my plants thus negating all my hard work to keep them from freezing, is a bit overkill, no? It’s fun to make it feel like winter now and then, but could we cap that low temperature around 40 degrees?

5. Stupid people. Why would someone call and leave you a voice mail stating the purpose of their call and a request for a call back without telling you their name? Idiots, that’s who.


2 thoughts on “Things I am Ungrateful For

  1. Brandy says:

    Triaminic brand makes a kid’s benadryl (same chemical, same dose, etc.) but it comes in a little grape-flavored tongue tab thing – kind of like a listerine sheet thing, except it tastes like grape flavor (mostly), and isn’t a liquid and is biochemically identical to benadryl. Yay Triaminic! Benadryl used to make the fast-melt strips too, but because the packaging was pink and the flavor was “vanilla mint” kids starting eating them like candy. Don’t know how Triaminic still has ’em, but they do. I know this because when I need an immediate dose of antihistamines after eating a nut accidentally, the melty strips deliver the medicine way faster than a pill. lol

  2. Tori Nelson says:

    Oh I feel your pain. I took the baby out to the store (it was snowing) because we were out of necessities (like diapers, and chocolate ice cream). I stood out in the parking lot and freezing winds for TEN MINUTES while cars darted past in a hurry. Do you not see me & the boy catching pnuemonia over here?
    When you have a sick kid (or really a kid at all) a little public kindness would be much appreciated!
    Hope your baby gets to feeling better soon. That is the WORST!

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