The House of Sick

I am so tired of writing about being sick – but really, it’s all that’s going on at our house these last 10 days. Thankfully, I’m feeling very much improved today and Baylie appears to be out of the woods as well. However, all my creative brain power has gone into how to A. get all the neglected chores done at super warped speed and B. getting the smell of Vick’s Vapor Rub out of our home. Thus leaving little to none for writing. I started a post and was so bored by not only the topic but the content, I decided to write an excuse post and hope that a much needed glass of wine and night of rest sans decongestants will refill my creative tanks and I will once again be able to compose the blogs that you all come for. Until then – avoid the “crud” going around and stay tuned!

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