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In anticipation of the one year anniversary of The Goon Room, I was looking over some of the blog’s stats. Top posts, highest number of visitors, etc. One stat that I find hilarious is tags searched. So what people are using to search for The Goon Room. And they are:

goon room, the goon room blog, the goon room, terrorist drink

Now, the first three make sense. But if you haven’t been a reader of The Goon Room for long, they you’re probably unfamiliar with the last one. Be sure and catch up on “If We Don’t Drink, the Terrorist Win“.

2 thoughts on “Search Me

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    I am always entertained and totally confused when I see the top searches on my blog:

    “crazy cat lady, poop, public pooping, old man”…. still haven’t figured out what this means 🙂

    Love your Terrorist Drink post!

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