Picnik Your Pics

A founder and contributor of Scottsdale Moms Blog just turned me onto a site called Picnik. They suggested I check it out and use it for my upcoming Halloween Craft post.

I looked into it and it is awesome. You can upload your pictures and then make them into collages of all sizes and layouts. It has picture editing capabilities too. The best part is that it’s crazy easy to use. I was on the phone when I clicked on the site and without actually reading or doing any trial and error, I snapped off a good 4 collages.

It is a free service (yea!) but  with purchase (it advertises it’s about $2 a month) it allows you to upload more pictures at once and offers more option on editing and also creating the collages.

Here’s one I did of Ms.B:

So get on Picnik and see what you can create with your pictures. Happy collaging!

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