I have been sans computer for a few days while my mom and I figured out how to get our laptops to play nicely. We are working on year end stuff for the oh so amazing water company and the short story is that she’s had my lap top since last Thursday and because I’m not a fan of typing large amounts through the WordPress App on my phone, here we are.

But get ready, it’s going to be a good week! This is technically my 300th post – but since it’s not filled with whitty and funny content worthy of a 300th post, we’re going to call this one 299 – take 2.

I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately – not sure why, but flipping though some old photo albums has been very necessary. Get ready for some cute old school pics of me and PW. Not to mention some rediculously cute stories about B. And some gardening. And a little decorating. And some crafts…oh really, it’s going to be awesome like always.


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