Birthday Week: Friendly Faces

And now for the big event: the friend birthday bash. What do you do when you live in AZ, have a birthday in June and you don’t have a pool? Why you throw a splash party (again – and just give it a new theme). Last year we had a splash par-tay, this year we had a luau. Same events, just with a Hawaiian theme. The result? A fantastic bash, event at 109 degrees.

PW made this last year and I still love it!

IMG_5059The “Kid Carwash” from last year is now rebuilt and better than ever as “Hurricane Alley”



Party in full swing


I love this action shot – look how high Baylor is on the swing!


IMG_5074 IMG_5076 IMG_5062

B was not keen on the whole luau them…until she saw the ankle leis


IMG_5164 IMG_5168

My sister Ali and her friend Michelle. Friends since 5th grade


IMG_5154Blowing out the candles on the Make Your Own Sundae

IMG_5126 - Copy

Nothing like friends to lick the candles withIMG_5129Pretty sure I have the exact same picture from college in a shoe box somewhere…

IMG_5086For Stephanie’s pictures, go to Many Hats of a!

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