They Say It’s Your Birthday

And they’d be right. Well, if you’re talking to me anyway.

Thank you all for the birthday love! 60 some posts on Facebook. Calls. Emails. Texts. Cards. Every one of them makes my birthday a very happy one!

This is how I prefer to look at all my birthdays  – laughing, a little (or a lot) drunk and enjoying life.

Cheers to 32!

bw laughing


Run For Their Lives

We have had the pleasure of befriending the B family over the last year. Baylor and Ella have been in the same class for the last two years and Olivia, Ella’s older cool sister, is one of Baylor’s favorite people. Gretchen and Mike are their hilarious mom and dad and two people that Peter and I are always excited to spend time with.

This past January marked the end of TWO YEARS of chemotherapy for Olivia. She had been fighting leukemia for almost half her life and so we were excited to participate in all of the celebratory runs, luncheons and parties. We ran on Team Olivia in the Children’s Cancer Network 5 and 10k a few weeks ago. It was a fantastic event – there were games, obstetrical courses and tons of free food  and swag. We ran like crazy and had a ball and the kiddos did too. We were so excited to follow Olivia in the kid’s walk as this was the first time she would be doing so as a survivor.

I did not anticipate the kiddos cooperating so I told PW to run on and I would just get as far as the kids would allow. Apparently running in a large group was wildly entertaining because they were angels the entire time. We finished the 5k in 38 minutes…which when you’re pushing a jogger that weighs 75lbs (no joke, we added it up), isn’t too shabby!

Ready to run…errr, ride!

Auggie, Baylor, Ella, Olivia and Morgan

photo 3 (8)



photo 1 (5)

Team Wand was snuggled and packing snacks

photo 2 (8)

photo 1 (6)

Stephanie, Morgan’s mom and one of my favorite people. She also ran the 10k in 50 minutes. She is a freak.

photo 2 (9) photo 5 (5)

Team Olivia ready to run!

photo 4 (8)

The girls (and Augg) ready for the survivor walk ride

photo 3 (9)

Happy Momma Day!

I have been trying to teach Baylor to say “happy mother’s day” but since she refuses to slow down long enough to say a full sentence other than “let’s go!” or “come on!” (so weird since her parents aren’t like this AT ALL) the best I could get out of her was “app-y momma day!” and that took like 5 whole minutes and lots of coaching so we’re good with it.

I received my very first child made gift this year. A beautiful bracelet! Baylor picked out all the beads and the sequence of the beads and Grandma strung them together for her. Bay did insist on wearing it most of the morning, but I was able to locate it from under the couch cushions during nap time to snap a picture.

My beautiful new jewelry

Momma and her jewelry designer

Baylor’s assistant, Grandma and Daddy – and Bear

We did miss my mom this year – she is freezing in Montana already for the summer. But we did get to have a very giggly phone call and Bay got to talk to Noni in “Ontana”. I got an incredibly sweet card from my friend Kristin that brought happy tears to my eyes and a great new pair of running shoes from PW. We had a delicious brunch with Peter’s parents, a little shopping, a little swimming and lots of champagne – all in all? A great weekend. So happy belated Momma’s Day to all the moms!