Denver Bound

We spent this past weekend in Colorado visiting friends from law school and going to the UofA v CU Boulder game. In a word, it was awesome.

When the PAC 10 became the PAC 12, PW began dreaming of snowy football games in CO. And when this season’s schedule was announced, he began putting together plans for a road trip. We get a double bonus for trips to Denver because our friends, Brian and Jeanne are now Denver-ites which means we got to see and catch up with them too. And catch up we did.

Friday night was spent laughing, reminising and filling each other in on life, jobs and the kiddo. We talked over the most amazing meal ever at Osteria Marco. We also walked around Larimer Square – it felt like the perfect holiday location; strings of lights, chilly weather and a warm coat!

After a delicious, greasy spoon cafe breakfast, we headed West to Boulder for the game. Colorado is spectacularly beautiful and getting to go to a small college town made me think of Tucson. We arrived to join the UofA tailgate hosted by a group of friends and PW’s fraternity brothers. It’s always nice to know that some things don’t change.

Check out Grizzly Adams back there…

To sum up the game…it was horrible. The wind was blowing at a steady 40mph and gusting up to 70mph. Worse, UofA was crushed by Boulder (maybe the only team that was worse than the Cats). But the scenery and the company made up for all of it. Not to mention the super cute cowboys on the field that were incharge of running Ralphie the Buffalo down the field.

Seriously, check out my hair in the wind!

Beautiful Boulder

Who runs a real buffalo around??

Saturday night we ordered pizza and opened several bottles of wine and warmed up at Brian and Jeanne’s house. After several sips, Brian agreed to break out the guitar and play. He can literally play anything. He has a huge book of lyrics so that everyone can accurately sing along – and it’s something we did often when we were all broke law school students (or just broke because we were married to a student). It reminded of one of my favorite memories – it was maybe a week before we were moving home to AZ. I had cut out of work early to meet PW, Brian, Jeanne and our other friends James and Tess (Brian and James were roommates at the time). I found them all sitting on the “patio” of the row “house”James and Brian rented (I say “house” because their slum lord probably had the house condemned the minute the tenants moved out), drinking and singing Toto’s “Africa” with total seriousness on their faces. There was no making fun of Toto, it was serious music to be taken seriously. The weather was finally warm, the beer was cold and we sat and sang and drank until it was time to catch the last metro home. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to the city, our friends and to being a student.

Flash forward 4 years, weddings, kids, jobs and many miles traveled later and we were right back to that point. We sat and sang until we realized that we had to get up in just a few hours to catch our plane. And much like I am an amazing dancer after several cocktails, I am also an amazing singer. Sadly for you, WordPress won’t let me upload the voice memo I took of the Billy Bragg and Wilco California Stars  jam session. You’ll just have to imagine the awesomeness in your mind.

A thousand thank you’s to Brian and Jeanne for being such sweet hosts and amazing friends. I see reunion 2012: Spring Training in our future!

Bowl Game Tourists – It’s Time To Go Home

Dear Bowl Game Tourist,

So glad you could join us in the Valley of the Sun for your team’s bowl game this year. While we’re all so happy to see your hard-earned dollars, some of us are not as thrilled to see you.

I would like to point out a few things to you to reference for the remainder of your visit and also any future visits (God help us). First, it is not necessary for you to wear your team’s paraphernalia aaalll the time. Also, more than one article of clothing with team logos, colors, slogans, mascots, etc. is not only tacky, it’s overdone. The locations where you are wearing these items should also be noted; i.e. nice restaurants and church are two places you should refrain from wearing head to toe blue and bright orange. God is happy to see you, however, he is not an Auburn fan and would like you to leave your obnoxiously loud and somewhat blinding scarf at the hotel.

Also, if you look up the crime stats of Scottsdale, I think you’ll find the results very reassuring. Therefore wearing your purse strapped across your chest while buying native american “artifacts” in Old Town is not necessary. Also, we know it’s cold where you live and comparatively, Scottsdale is warm. However, bearing your pasty white legs with socks pulled up to mid calf and shorts so short they should be illegal is again, unnecessary.

Lastly, while I think it is awesome that you actually paid for the neat window flags that you put on each window of your car with a big yellow “O”, it would be smart to pay attention to where you are driving rather than looking at your pretty flags. For example: the yellow lane in the middle of the street is a turn lane. The one with white dashed lines is a through or driving lane. Therefore slamming on the brakes of your rental car in the middle of the driving lane rather than the turn lane is a problem. Also, the pretty white sign on the side of the road with the black numbers on it are speed limits, not speed suggestions. So do your very best to match the speedometer to that neat number.

So as Auburn takes on Oregon tonight, I can’t help but just be excited that it will soon be all over and you all will be traveling home. Good luck, safe travels and next  year, just send us a check.




A House United

I’m sure many of you have seen the cute little window stickers for couples where one attended THE University of Arizona and the other attended that other state school – they read “A House Divided”. Thankfully, we’re not that couple. Instead, both PW and I attended UofA. In fact, Peter is a second generation Wildcat. Both his mom and dad attended although they didn’t know each other until after college. We have many a UofA ornament and I made a UofA tree for Hal and Marilyn a few years ago that features a picture of each of the graduates in the fam.

I originally intended this post for last week for the annual Territorial Cup or the Duel in the Desert as it’s also known. It’s one of the oldest trophy rivalry games in the country. Unfortunately, we lost this year and I blame my camera. You see, it apparently called the computer fat and so the two devices wouldn’t talk and I could not upload my super cute picture of Baylie with her game face on thus costing the team valuable spirit points. Maybe if Zendejas had a little more spirit coming his way, he wouldn’t have blown those two kicks….but I digress. Game face: while not scary, it is adorable, no?