Dear APS….

Dear Arizona Public Service,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed ALL the advertising that I was subjected to at the Diamondbacks v Cubs game on Friday night. Not only do I think a new logo was totally appropriate, I think the constant and unrelenting marketing was absolutely necessary. Because there’s nothing that I love more that forking over my daughter’s college fund to cool our home to a mear 81 degrees inside while the temperatures outside reach 115. Because I have a choice on which electric company I choose…OH WAIT. No, no I don’t. I don’t get to choose which electric company I want to hand over my hard earned money to – so the fact that you’re using said hard earned dollars to put your new and no-very-exciting logo right next to ┬áthe batter’s name and stats is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. Why would you avertise when your customers don’t actually get to choooose you as a provider?? Are you just rubbing this fact in my face?? Why on earth would you need to advertise to a public that has no choice but to pay your astronomical prices?!

Just wait APS. Juuust wait. I’m going to get solar panels some day and when you have to send me a check rather than the other way around, I’m going to take out an ad at Chase Field that says “EAT IT APS. KISSES, BETH”.