Manic Monday


Picture day at school – hair dried and brushed to perfection

First day in God knows how long I have to wear professional clothing

Juggling baby, four year old, umbrella and heals trying to keep the above looking decent


Baby with a stuffy nose who “slept” in two hour or less increments all night

No construction on water company because of…you guessed it, rain


Two doctor’s appointments

Crabby baby who is a wiggling, screaming mess  at my doctor, perfectly nice at his doctor

Four year old who is not sick, but sans nap which has made her hyper rather than tired

No ear infection, just teeth which means no end to stuffy nose or lack of sleep


Sinus infection

Doctor who is less than pleased about the crazy four year old and screaming baby

Stupid HSA account that is supposed to save us money on our health insurance will. not. work.

Finally changed into casual clothes, errands and appointments done, dinner ingredients obtained


I’m not sure who I pissed off, but apparently I made someone in the weather department angry today…

Zyrtec Anonymous

I have been taking the allergy medicine Zyrtec for literally 8 months. When stuff is blooming or blowing around or just plain growing, I get a dizzy headache from it. And let me tell you what fun it is to take care of a two-year old who thinks being dizzy is super fun…

I am not one for medication so I decided I would try an experiment. If I stopped taking it, would I get a headache? Nope! I felt great! I sound like a schizophrenic who decides they feel so good with their meds, they don’t need them any more…any way that was about 3 days ago. Two days ago I was running with Bay to the park and got a crazy itching attack. My arms and back itched like mad! I figured it was something in the air because it seemed to dissipate when I got home.

Then yesterday, my sister Ali noticed I had drawn blood on my shoulder I had itched it so hard. I was like the crazy crackhead from the Chappell Show.  I don’t remembering itching that bad since right after Baylor was born and I had a reaction to some medication – in the video of her in the hospital, I can be seen the background scratching all over and asking PW to repeatedly scratch my feet since I couldn’t quite get to them.

I honestly thought I somehow developed an allergy to our laundry detergent. I changed shirts, slapped on anti itch cream and tried to ignore the incessant need to scratch…and then gave up and popped a Zyrtec convinced something in the air was bugging me. And predictably, the itching stopped. I decided it was time to Google “Zyrtec itchy arms” and I kid you not, like 20+ forums popped up all with people complaining of Zyrtec itching withdrawal. Apparently the company doesn’t list this as a side effect (convenient) however tons of people agree that after taking the medicine for a long time, it makes you itch like mad while you’re coming down off the stuff.

So apparently instead of detox poncho, I’m going to have to get the oven mitt version so I don’t scar myself…

Yet Another Note To Self…

When sick and looking to whatever decongestant the pharmacist just had me sign for – no matter how many time’s I’ve taken it, and no matter how many pills are in each little bubble in the package, check to see what the dosage is. Because it’s no fun feeling like I’m walking through a pool of molasses all day only to find out I could have and should have taken two pills instead of just the one.

Also, stay at home moms should get sick days. Just saying.