Yet Another Note To Self…

When sick and looking to whatever decongestant the pharmacist just had me sign for – no matter how many time’s I’ve taken it, and no matter how many pills are in each little bubble in the package, check to see what the dosage is. Because it’s no fun feeling like I’m walking through a pool of molasses all day only to find out I could have and should have taken two pills instead of just the one.

Also, stay at home moms should get sick days. Just saying.

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Note To Self…

  1. stephanie says:

    I love the last line in this! I do have to say something …. I had the flu last week (while at LAX airport, on an airplane, and in a cab … I’ll spare you those gross details) BUT, I was able to take a sick day from work and recover while Kelsey pants was at school. So, I’m 100% with you on your last sentence. You should get a sick day. Sorry love. Feel better. xoxo

  2. Tori says:

    AMEN! Baby and I were sick for a week not too long ago. Of course, when you are a mom, you still have to function, mother, clean, and cook when you are sick. The Mister got the bug a few days later and stayed home from work almost a WEEK because he felt “just awful”.

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