I am so behind on this post! After almost three weeks, I’m calling it official, B is potty trained.

It all started back during spring break earlier this month when a friend at school said they could do a play date later in the week because they would be potty training in the early part. It dawned on me that spring break would be a great time to try (again) to potty train. Ali (friend not sister although I mix up their emails constantly) suggested that we give the girls an incentive; if they could get the potty training down enough to venture out, then we would have a  Big Girls Wear Undies Tea Party at their house.

It worked like a dream. I think B was finally ready and with some new puppies-wearing-crowns undies, we were ready to roll. Using the “set the timer and every 20 minutes, we pee” strategy, we had success! By Thursday, she was taking care of business mostly by herself and we had only had 1 accident so we were off to the tea party! B got to bring her real china tea set from her friend Joyce, which she was thrilled to share. Ali had apple juice and even a plate of cucumbers, crackers and cheese for the girls to snack on – it was adorable. Estella and her sister Addy greeted us at the door in their favorite princess dresses and were quick to rush B off to pick out one for herself. In addition to tea, they made butterfly wands and princess crowns to accessorize their looks. It was a sweet reward for such hard work!

If You Need Me, I’m in the Bathroom

Where the hell have I been for two days? I’ll tell you…it’s spring break for Bay this week (why the hell 2 year olds need a spring break from their grueling 3 half days a week, I don’t know. I guess it’s more for their freakishly patient teachers, but still… not that I don’t love my munchkin, Momma’s just gotten real used to those precious 12 hours of free time a week to do crazy stuff like work) and we are, drum roll please, potty training!

Yes, the bain of my existence as a parent is finally happening. We’ve knuckled down, broke out the timer, the potty, the big girl undies, the M&M’s and gasp! stayed in the house for 3 days straight. Well not really. I couldn’t take it so we made the super fast 5 minute trip to Noni’s house today so I could run a few errands without the fear of a wet car seat and without visiting the Costco, Sunflower, CVS and Safeway bathrooms repeatedly.

In short, I have been enjoying a little quiet / work time during the oh-so-brief nap times this week. All is going well so we will likely survive the week with little pee pee poured out for the homies and thus call it a success. Until then, it may be a little quiet around here…

How Not to Use the Potty

Good God I hate potty training. A lot has to do with trying to convince Baylor that this in inappropriate:

She gets it. She totally gets what she’s supposed to do. The problem is that she wants to sit on the potty ALL THE TIME. It’s a constant routine of sit, wipe, wash and then re-diaper and dress. I’m talking like 6 times an hour. It is making me craaaazzzyyy!!!! I vote for diapers and let her college roommate show her the ropes.